Should the new dac be displayed in the path?

I just got a Mytek Liberty and I’m using my Bluesound 2i as the streamer. So far everything is working including MQA, but I notice the Liberty is not appearing in the signal path in Roon.

My question is should it? After the Bluesound it just says “MQA full decoder” but it doesn’t list the dac name.

The Bluesound is set up in Roon, but I don’t see the Liberty.

The connection between Node 2i and Mytek must - I think - be SPDIF (either coaxial or optical).

I use a Bluesound Node 2 and Benchmark DAC3 which connects in the same way.

Roon doesn’t have any way of knowing what is connected to the Node which is why the Mytek (or Benchmark in my case) doesn’t show in Roon.

If you used a Raspberry Pi running Roonbridge with the Mytek connected to the USB port then the Mytek would show in Roon.

I think that there is a setting in the Node to tell it whether or not a DAC connected to it has MQA or not. I’ve not looked at that because my DAC3 does not do MQA.

The problem is that despite what the signal path says, you are not necessarily getting MQA properly decoded. For that to happen you need to see that on the Mytek DAC. What you see in Roon refers to the analogue outputs of the Node 2 which you are not using. So, what is the Mytek telling you and, as Mike suggests consider using a streamer that can connect via USB which will give you full disclosure in Roon.

Hmmm… thanks, it’s currently connected via toslink. For the record both Roon and the Dac says MQA is being decoded properly, it just doesn’t list the name of the DAC. I do however have a RPI, so if I decide to switch I can. Thanks

It is quite possible the Mytek is receiving and decoding or at least rendering the output of the 2i correctly. But SPDiF has no way of reporting back to Roon, so what Roon tells you only applies to what the 2i does. The only sure way of knowing what the Mytek is doing is to read its front panel.

Ok, that makes sense, thanks for the clarification. I have a ocd thing about having everything work just right, but since the light is displaying the correct colors, I’m not going to mess with it now… plus it sounds awesome.

Grab a RPi4 from Amazon for $74 and connect using USB.

It’s always something with MQA, lol… but I think I’m fine.

I’ve never had an issue with MQA. They always work and sound great.

Me neither technically, it’s just not displaying the dac name. I was being sarcastic.

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