Show Active Convolution Filter Name

It would be really nice to show which Convolution Filter name is active. Even if it was a pop up when you hover over the filter in the list below. Ideally it would show directly under the label “Convolution filter” or even somewhere else in the chain.

I’d rather see which saved DSP Preset is active. I’ll take anything…

I had it made from REW measurements and loaded on the NUC. Love it.

If you expand your black box a bit…there are three small dots in the upper right hand corner…click there and you should find the switch to turn your convolutions on and off…I use Mr Thierry from HAF to make my custom convolutions from REW and simply love how effective they are!

@LarryMagoo yeah I know that but I’m talking about the Convolution Filter name that is being used which is only shown here as far as I know.