Show album review scores when clicking “view all albums”

When scrolling through an artist and seeing the small widget that shows albums, it shows the star rating for the review score. When I click into all albums, it is no longer showing the review score. I love seeing the review scores, it would be great to see them when viewing all the albums in the all album layout.



Would like this as well, as an option to turn on/off in Settings–>General–>Browsing Preferences

That said, there might be some reasons why it haven’t been included:

(1) If placed below the album, it would require three lines of text, instead of two like today. That would decrease the number of albums displayed per page, make it look more cluttered, and if a rating is not present - it would leave an empty gap. Also, all extra information are today placed on top of the cover, and placing the star rating below would break this “rule”/“principle”.

(2) Placing it on top of the album cover is also a problem, because every corner is already taken.

  • Top left - new/recently added label and album (file) format
  • Top right - compilation/live/bootleg
  • Bottom left - pick/loved/banned
  • Bottom right - album version (takes a lot of space, and expands towards the bottom left if necessary)

The simplest solution for the devs would be to let the user choose between “show album version on browser” and “show album rating on browser” to be displayed on the bottom right of the cover. Another (better?) solution would be to make it possible to customize which corner are used for what information completely.

Something like this:

No, it would not look more cluttered. On the contrary, I think the current view is way to cluttered. It looks like a museum where they have exposed all their artwork on one wall with no space in between. I would gladly give up some albums per page to provide more space between the covers, wich provide a better view, not worse. This space can be filled with usefull info, prefarably user defined like the review rating wich this thread is about.

How nice would it be to see these ratings on your own albums in one overview. Would look much better in my view and be more usefull. Same counts for other data. I would like to see genre tags, user tags, track count for instance. Others would have other preferences.

@Todd_DeSantis, I agree, this would be great!

+1. Would be very nice to have this feature.

+1 as well.

+1 Would be much appreciated.

Yes please!