Show album star ratings in all views

I would love the option to show album star ratings in all views. You select ‘view all’ and can no longer see the ratings at a glance? Thanks, Gus.


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Can I add a “+1” for this.

If you select a say new genre in Tidal, you only get ratings on the first page. I would like see ratings throughout.

Was just about to start a thread on this but saw that it has already been requested. I would also like to see album release date.

+100 for me.

I would also like to add a +1.

I agree, was thinking this also… +1 - v useful when discovering new artists to home in on the critique’s best¨:-)

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This is exactly why I want this feature. When I am discovering a new artist I usually start listening to whatever has the highest rating as a starting point.

+1 from me. Part of the value Roon adds over Tidal is lost without this.

I agree to the fullest, ratings give valuable pointers when discovering new music. I tend to sometimes stay away from the “view all” views since they lack the ratings.

This sounds so basic to implement that I really don’t get why it’s not done.

Yep, +1 from me too.

Long time request but no progress. For me +1; just as an reminder

This thread keeps reviving itself, so I’ll add another +1, or maybe that’s a +2 now. Either way, this would be a very useful addition.

I agree. Now we can see star ratings of albums in Recent Activity and in Album Browser in the mobile app, but I’d like to see star ratings in Album Browser also in the desktop Roon.

I’d like to add my +1
It’s weird that in some views you see the star rating, and in others, you don’t.