Show badges always/never (depending on personal setting)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Core: Roon version 1.8 (build 756) stable running on ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
App: Roon version 1.8 (build 756) stable running on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7

Description Of Issue

In “Settings” there is a setting “Customize album display” where you can enable the “in library badge”:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-15 um 09.00.37

I would expect this badge to be shown on every album I have in my library. But unfortunately this is not the case. For example in the Albums Browser, the Artist Overview, the Composers Overview the badge is not shown on the album pictures. I consider this an inconsistency. Although this is certainly low priority :wink:


In overview, only albums in your library are shown so they don’t redundantly put the badge on your albums, obviously a design choice. The do display the badges for tidal and/or Qobuz in overview to distinguish those you’ve added to your library from those services vs ones where you own the files.

Thank you - I am aware of that.

Nevertheless if I have the choice to turn that “in library badge” on/off I would like to have that badge shown always/never. Same is true for Tidal/Qobuz badges. If I turn tose on/off the badges are shown always/never.

For me it would be more consistent.

But of course, this is nitpicking - I know :smiley:

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You might get more traction if you put this in the Feature Request section. I can move it there if you want.

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That would be nice - thank you very much.

Oliver, got it moved and cleaned up the title. If you want it changed I think as the OP you can edit the title to suit.

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Yes. I was surprised by this design choice as well. Either have it visible or not. I switched on all of these icons and thought they would all display on/off. I can see why that wouldn’t work for a small phone display but on a larger device it works fine and the at a glance information is useful.

Roon already has other context aware switches which have more than on/off behaviour if there is a need for this. For example, composer display behavior. That can be switched on/off or let roon decide depending on genre. Roon will have their own reasons for not taking the next step of device aware rendering but the display logic of these icons could at least be consistent.

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Yes - and one can have different settings on each device so one can configure this separately for each device. So there should not be any problems on small screens.

Unfortunately roon has said many times they will not be doing that. Shame.

Rendering on thousands of slightly different formats and devices was a big problem in the telecoms industry during the transition to smart phones. A user configurable solution was not feasible so it had to be automated. Commoditised now of course and something most of the time you will take for granted and not notice. So the solutions are there. I don’t know of course but the signs are the lack of flexibility in device level rendering of the roon UI must be pretty much baked in by now. Roon is what it is. But if the architecture no longer allows automated device rendering, hopefully there is still scope for streamlining these and other manual display switches so behaviour is at least uniform.

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Good catch. I wonder if this is intentional. I only see the “in library” badge when I’m browsing the discography of an artist. It’s handy there for helping me to spot gaps in my collection (albums available on TIDAL that I’ve not bought or favorited).

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I think most of what we are seeing are regression errors. Some of the ones that stand out though may have came out of a too narrow beta group. I guess we will never know.

Hopefully common sense will prevail.

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I just found an annoying (at least for me) issue with the “in library” badge.

I search for “also sprach Zarathustra” and have a look at the albums:

So far so good - I can see that I have some of the results in my library and others not. Now I click on “More” in the upper right corner:

and now the “in library” badge is gone :frowning: I would prefer to see the “in library” badge on this second page, too.


Addition to the above: ALL badges I have en-/disabled in “Settings”, “Customize album display” should always be shown (or not shown) in my opinion. That’s for consistency reasons. :slight_smile:

In my example above the Tidal badges are missing in the second screenshot because of this inconsistency.

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Title of thread changed from “in library badges” to “badges” as I would like not only the “in library” badge to be shown/not shown always but all badges (if switched on/off in the settings).

I also find the inconsistency around ‘in library’ badges a little frustrating, just to add my voice

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Another inconsistency with badges:

I have “Show explicit badge” turned off in my settings. So in the Overview of an artist the E is not shown:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-31 um 13.39.35

After click on the Album the E suddenly appears in the lower left corner:

Not a big annoyance for me, but again I consider this an inconsistency with badges. :innocent:

Have you figured this out yet or? It’s really bugging me! :slight_smile:

Hey Raz, figured out what?

Hi Oliver. The explicit badge issue. I’ve disabled mine and it still shows.

Hey Raz,

there is nothing to “figure out”. I am making a “feature request” here for this issue (show badges always/never). Right now it is as it is - and I am trying to convince Roon to fulfill my request.