Show Composer Picture on "Playing Now" Screen

As far as I can see, only Artists are shown on the “Playing Now” picture loop / slide show.

I would like to see a picture of the composer as well. I know I could tag the Composer in the Artist field to achieve this. But this would mess things up pretty badly and is not what I want to do.

Thanks for considering.

If the composer’s name is shown on the track listing page for an album, clicking on it will display a picture of the composer and a brief bio (I believe it is the allmusic bio). The picture and bio are identical to the performer picture/bio for those who are both. The only difference is whether the page lists other compositions or other performances. But this is static - as is the performer picture/bio - and doesn’t change when the composition changes.

Yes, “clicking on it”. Means user-interference. I want it to show up directly. I don’t have to click on the artist’s name to get his picture shown.

See example: Artist Alexis Weissenberg is shown. I want this to cycle with Chopin’s picture, as its a Chopin-Recital.

Only if I tag the composer as “Artist”, I get his picture, see example with Max Bruch below:

But I dont want to do that as it messes up Artists and Composers - Just makes no sense.