Show date when sorting album browse by date

Per subject - when browsing albums and especially when choosing to sort by date it’d be useful to show the release date.


This would be nice. It’s there in some views but not others -I.e. tidal when you go to ‘show all’ you lose dates so it’s not obvious which are newer albums

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Sort of surprised that this is still not resolved. It’s quite frustrating to browse albums by an artist and not be able see dates when in the “view all” mode.


I must be missing something here. When I select see all for Tidal albums from the Roon UI, I also have no release date displayed and my date sort is inaccurate. Latest albums sometimes appear in the middle of the sort order and sometimes don’t appear in the list at all. Also, many of the “albums” are actually singles or EP’s. This is such basic function and is critical if I want to find the new music prior to going out to hear it live. Please let me know how to fix this. Thanks,


Hey Roon!

Why can’t we see the release years when we go to View All ?

If someone thinks that it looks cooler to not see it in the View All view, you should at least offer the option in the settings.

IMHO, this is a basic feature for a library software. Or probably I haven’t found how to enable it. Please help me!

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This baffles me too. My biggest problem with Roon. When I find a new artist I want to listen to, the very first thing I want to do is listen to their first album. Am I the only one that this frustrates to no end?

No, you are not the only one. It frustrates the hell out of me that there is no further information in the album browser underneath the albums other than an artist name and Album title. No release date, no genre info, no star rating, no personal tags, no record label. just nothing at all right in the place where metadata matters to create an overview of your collection.

+1 on the album info in main album view. Especially the date. A search in the forums on this topic goes back until 2017 al least.
Please make this happen Roon. Thanks.