Show genre in track view

Hi when I have my Roon client in track view mode, I cannot select the column ‘genre’ to add the the view. I know I can filter with Focus however I just want a view in the track list

thanks for sharing your thoughts

As you noticed Genre is not available as an filterable option on the track view. You can focus and then save that focus as a bookmark to quickly get back to.

I believe the rationale here is that since Roon doesn’t support genres on track level (only for albums and artists), it’s not of much value to show genres in the Track list view.

This is really a strange view. I don’t care about albums my whole library is song based not album based… since all my songs have a genre
So new feature request I guess

i would have had the same question today, as i run very often my library in shuffle mode.

I want to see the genre of the track (Which is in the track tagging) on this view, just to crosscheck, whether this genre is set right or just to see what is the actual Genre tagged.

Would be nice if this could be added in the future… Maybe this quesrtion should be trnasferred to “Feature Requests”?