Show/List Similar Albums from library in album page

When browsing or playing albums Roon doesn’t list similar albums. Please add this datapoint as its a great way to explore one’s library and to find other albums to listen to.


@brian @mike, flagging this for consideration.

Bumping this for 1.3

Bumping my monologue…being able to see similar albums in your collection to that being browsed or played would be great:

no one else would like to have Roon recommend similar albums?


I agree. I seldom view Roon’s Similar Artists display at the bottom of an Artists’s page - mainly because I don’t scroll down that far - usually because I’m looking for a particular album.

There are selections as presented by Allmusic that I wish Roon would emulate and Similar Albums is one of them. Chronological Discography and Editors Ratings are others.

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@andybob has a thread going on how to improve Roon’s social media aspects so maybe this post belongs there.

Allmusic also has this terrific feature called Staff Picks where the merits of older albums are discussed. I visit it almost every day.

Roon’s Community Forum has a couple of threads going similar to “What Are You Listening To Now” and “Favorite Album.” Some of these albums are excellent introductions to music or artists that I wouldn’t normally encounter. Roon’s subscribers are pretty good at sharing good - if not great - music.

What I’m thinking is to somehow begin to mine the data on the Roon Community Forum in these threads and have Roon display these selections after they meeting some criteria such as “Likes”, etc. It could be called “What Other Roon Users Love.”

A new metadata feature could be created so that the Roon user who first posted the album gets a credit. (This part is tongue-in-cheek; I’m imagining the arguments over who gets credit.)

And if fail-safe editorial controls were somehow enabled, Roon users could be protected from Labels and other entities that might use methods that would artificially inflate an album’s popularity.

There are a handful of places that guide my listening decisions - there isn’t enough time! - and Roon’s community forum has a growing influence on what I select. Part of it is wanting to listen to good recordings. More importantly is having the opportunity to commune with an international community of like-minded enthusiasts.

Surely it’s pretty trivial to add a Similar Albums tab to the right of credits:

I like the idea. Roon should use the advantage of having access to the whole Tidal cataloque to help discover unknown albums.

The data is in AMG so I’m assuming its equally in Roon’s metadata. Why it’s not exposed is a mystery. I do wish Roon would pay more attention to the richness of metadata at the same time that it continues to push Roon into new functionality. Some of the basics aren’t in place and seem to have been forgotten in the pursuit of bells and whistles.

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