Show playlist links not working for Qobuz playlists or Save a local copy playlists

Core Machine

ROCK version 1.0 build 227 on Intel NUC

Network Details

Gigabit Ethernet

Audio Devices

Mac Pro with USB S.M.S.L. SU-9 DAC, Mac Mini, Macbook Air, Raspberry Pi (Ropieee with HifiBerry DAC), Raspberry Pi with tube amp and DAC.

Description of Issue

I have read several posts about issues with the “Show playlist links” setting not displaying the playlist link for some tracks. I understand this is being looked into and look forward to resolving this in the future. I have not seen any post describing the problem I am having but perhaps I overlooked a discussion of this.

My problem with “Show playlist links” is as follows. I imported my Qobuz playlists using the Qobuz integration in Roon to sync with Qobuz. None of the tracks in any of my Qobuz playlists show up with a playlist link when viewing the album. If I create a playlist in Roon then those tracks do show up with a playlist link when viewing the album. I guessed that maybe since Qobuz playlists were not really Roon playlists or anyway not editable in Roon that I would just “Save a local copy” of the Qobuz playlists. But when I Save a local copy of a Qobuz playlist the tracks still do not show the playlist link when viewing the album.

Then I tried creating a new playlist in Roon by selecting the tracks in a Qobuz playlist and “Add to playlist” → “New playlist”. But this did not produce a playlist with tracks that show the playlist link when viewing the album. The same tracks that fail with this feature in the above manner(s) succeed if I select the tracks when viewing the album and create a new playlist from the selection.

Finally, even after Saving a local copy of a Qobuz playlist, when I click on the Album link of a track when viewing the playlist, I get an album view but the view thinks that album is not in my library even though it is in my library. Even for albums that have only one version.

So, this feature is broken in several ways. I realize it may be difficult to fix due to mountains of code and the genealogy. I am just adding more info to illuminate what’s not working. I will happily stand on the sidelines and root for you guys.

Thanks for listening.

Are the albums on the playlist IN your library? Basically, the album has to be in your library before being added to the playlist, to display the playlist link.

Thank you for responding. Yes, the albums on the playlist are in my library. However, if I view the playlist and click on the album name of one of the tracks, the album view of that album is not showing it as being in my library. Even if I add it to my library in that view then go back to the playlist and click the album name again, it still shows it not in my library.

An easy example from my library is the album “Nilsson Schmilsson” by Harry Nilsson. There is only one Qobuz version of this album and it is in my library. I have a playlist which contains some tracks from this album. If I view this album in Roon in the albums view, none of the tracks show a playlist link even though the album does show it is in my library. If I go to the playlist view of the playlist containing tracks from this album, and click on the Album name for one of the tracks from that album, I am taken to an album view of Nilsson Schmilsson which does not show the album in my library. If I click the “…” link the “Add to library” is grayed out. If I click the “+” link a notification pops up saying it has been Added to my library but the “+” link area continues to spin. Going back to the playlist and clicking the album again it continues to show it as not in my library, no change.

Perhaps my Qobuz imported playlists were created prior to adding the albums in my Roon library. Could that be the problem? I will create a new Qobuz playlist from tracks currently on albums in my library and see how that goes.

Yes, If you add a track to a playlist and then add the album, the track added first has no reference to the album added. In library content is considered/treated differently. When you add an album to your library you are in effect creating your databases’ own album object which you can then edit, which in essence the playlist link is. Until you add an album, there is nothing in your database to actually edit.

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