Show selected tags on album icon

Currently you can “customise album display” and show certain badges on top of the album icons, for example “show live badge”, “show bootleg badge”, “show album format” etc.

It would be most excellent if we could have the option to show a selected tag on the album icon also. For example, I have a “verified” tag, which denotes that the album artwork scans have been correctly added and that the metadata has been checked for the correct version etc. It would be really useful to have this displayed on the album icons when browsing.

Not sure if this helps but when you focus a Tag and then click on it you negate it so all albums are displayed which don’t have this tag.

Focused on tag “Recommendations”

Negated View so only Albums are listed without the “Recommendations” tag.

Thanks for the suggestion, and it is a useful feature, but i think having the icons displayed on/by the album would be more helpful for this.

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