Show tags more prominently

I have been tagging tracks as I listen to them, but it’s difficult to do this when the tags don’t show on the queue/now playing page. Is there any way to get tags to show up in more places?

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@andybob Can we move this to Feature Requests?

I’m meticulously tagging all my tracks because Roon is the only music software I found that allows for mostly convenient and extensive tagging. I use the tagging to categorise all my tracks for later use in my DJ sets. That way I am able to quickly see what kind of track it was with what kind of qualities.

It’s a pity though that tags are only shown next to the tracks in the album/release view, not in the now playing or queue view nor in the track listing view for playlists or when filtering for tracks in general. In those latter two views it would be especially helpful.

I understand that it might feel like visual clutter showing them everywhere and for a lot of people it just seems to be fine the way they are shown right now but maybe it would be possible to have a switch in the settings to enable/disable the additional showing of tags in the aforementioned views. It would really help a lot. As of now I always have to navigate to the album/release view to see the tags I assigned to a certain track.

Done. /10char