Show the current time

It would be great if the current time was overlayed somewhere on the GUI at all times. I’m always running late for things when listening to albums via Roon! :grin:


Agree. Maybe showing the whole first iOS line with online status (left), time (middle) and battery (right) like most of the iOS apps do!

I mostly use a PC/MAC as a control point, and have the GUI maximized. However if it’s the same on IOS/Android, then I’m sure that would be welcome as well.

+1 for time. I appreciate the clean lines of Roon and the opportunity for excuses when getting lost in the music but not the admonishments I get “you still listening, don’t you know the time.” “Well no, dearest, see this app doesn’t have a clock.” “Well that’s typical”

+1 for time for reasons already stated above.