Show time remaining in queue

This is shown dynamically when adding another album to the queue, but not anywhere else in the Now Playing, or Queue screens. Could we have this showing for the remaining queue, not just the playing track?

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Agree with the request. As a workaround, if you just want to know the number you can toggle Radio on and see when it will start.

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+1 to this request.

(It is a Sooloos 2.1 feature which didn’t get carried over.)

I’m on it guys, it’ll make it into the next build.

Done :slight_smile:


How many software companies react that quickly?

Many thanks @Brian2!

Oh thats a bit of a tease! Any ETA on 1.2?

I actually misspoke, it’ll be in the next build we release.

I can’t say exactly when but you won’t have to wait too long.

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looking forward to it!

Thanks for adding this to the latest build! :clap: