Show us yer Core pulling some DSP!

i7 Haswell 4500u 1.8GHz (2 cores)
2 Zones simultaneously + Localhost HQP, no CUDA

Zone 1 - convolving Room EQ in Roon, 44.1 kHZ to DSD 256 in HQP

Zone 2 - 44.1 kHZ to 176.4, crossfeed, PEQ



i5 Skylake 6260U 1.8Ghz (2 cores)
2 zones simultaneously

(DSD256 for good measure, but prefer PCM384 or none, Minimum Phase, 7th Order Sigma-Delta, Jan Meier crossfeed & a little extra gain in right channel)

Living Roon:
(PCM192, Minimum Phase - RC handled by MiniDSP/Dirac)


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Just playin’ with new toy :slight_smile:
…Each zone has either PEQ/Convolution , some have upsampling (DSD/pcm) etc…

This is on Intel NUC 6i7kyk where also other things are running (VMs etc)


Yo could add a downmix 5.1 to stereo into the mix whilst you’re at it.

I believe that is default strategy when playing 5.1 content on 2.0 setup (all my zones) that it downmixes to 2.0 (instead of playing just front channels) ?

I’ll play…

i7 7700 Kaby Lake
Convolving room EQ in Roon
Upsampling Tidal Redbook to DSD512 in HQP

Showoff… :wink:

So how does it sound?

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WE (a friend and I) heard the Holo Spring Lev 3 the other day…its nice too…but we had no opportunity to listen to anything better than DSD64 at the time.

We went today to listen to the Lampizator Atlantic with 512 option but also didn’t get to hear it at 512 either…

Home trials have been offered for both, and will no doubt be taken up when my friend has a new server (yet to be built) and gets things rearranged in the house for the setup to sing.

maybe by then we will have 512 in Roon too and have our heads around the new DSP features in 1.3

Happy days ahead no doubt.

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It sounds … different. First impression is a very natural sound albeit with less “edge” to the dynamics. I’m continuing to burn it in today but will report further by editing this post tonight. No digital sibilance that I can hear !

Edit: dynamics are back (a burn in phase I think), but I can back off the Headroom to 3dB in Roon and 3dB in HQP.

The CUDA assistance seems necessary. With it off I get a sporadic pop and ting thiCPU usage spikes to over 50%.

Experimenting at the moment with DoP or native DSD. Native has some nasty full volume pops when starting play so I will have to mute the preamp before play.

i7 7707

Convolving room EQ in Roon
Upsampling Tidal Redbook to 22,579.2 KHz (DSD 512) in HQP
Native DSD (SDM Pack - None)
Closed Form filter, AMSDM512+fs

I have to mute the preamp before starting playback (including fast forward) to avoid a nasty pop, but it’s worth it. I can’t A/B easily to give a detailed comparison, but I love this sound. Best my system has ever sounded. I can’t hear any “digital sound” in the top end at all.

Meridian Room Correction filters, measured via an 861, and implemented via Procedural EQ in Roon :slight_smile:


And you find the “in room” results to be…?