Show us yer Year Focus!

We don’t judge here @mike. You can listen to all the Polka you like:

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[sad trombone]


how do you produce these grans showing listening habits - can it be done in Roon or are you using ?

Go to the album browser and select focus, after that you select the year graph.

Here is mine:

My peak is in the early nineties, the years that I used public transport to go to school and listened to my Walkman a lot :slight_smile:

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These aren’t usage but the year of release of all albums in your library.

Thanks very much

Thanks Andrew

You are so amazing people @roonlabs… you even realized a statistical view into our huge music libraries! Apart from being thrilled by your absolutely unique and in any aspect state-of-the-art product my only wish would be that my musical interest peak was not in the 80s… Know what I mean?

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That is an awesome graph. Let me know if you ever need a house sitter. I promise not to leave the house, will water the plants and feed the animals.

Of course, I’m gonna need access to the music files. :sunglasses:

@dbtom2 Thanks, pal, nice offer! Assuming you got plenty of spare time to spend in my house. My music library will entertain you for 36 weeks, 5 days, 16 hours, 14 minutes and 2 seconds. :open_mouth:

No 2017s, slacker:

Hmm … bit of a dip in the 80s and 90s … and some 2015/16 pruning yet to do: