Show us your before and after cabling clean up pics...don't be shy :-)

I’m sure everyone with lockdown situation is looking for things to do…maybe time to clean up the cable clutter behind the equipment rack.

some suggestions include

  • Moving mains and signal cables way from each other.
  • Maybe rearrange devices to put most used things with better access if you like.
  • If you have to have them close or passing each other then X them at 90 degrees and not run parallel.
  • Keep runs as short as possible so as to pick up less noise.
  • Don’t coil cables together and if possible not at all. Loops act like small transformers with will create magnetic fields than can interact with one another even at short distances apart.
  • Disconnect unused interconnects as these can act like arials or antennae for RFI
  • Remove unused speakers from rooms if you can as these act like resonant devices - sometimes shorting the binding posts can help if no choice to keep in the room or put them front to front in pairs.

Chime in with other suggestions and ill add to my list for a reference.

Clearly everyone’s shy :joy:

Nah - we’ve just got better things to do with our time than buggering about with cables.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

I think that with the best will in the world a life in Hi Fi and all the associated kit is impossible for 99.9% of the population.
I tried but in the end, you just have to give up

Why clean-up when you can buy better (perfect) cables for some k$ or the high-end cable already in place is clearly not affected by any outside world problems as by the marketing blurb? :smiley:

Ok here is a before and after on my lounge setup I did.



Still room for more improvements but much better than it was.

From the front


A brave attempt there… well done

I’ve tried that label thing too, once, but after a while the cables refused to read the labels and got messed up anyway. :wink:

It makes me dizzy; both the Before and the After.

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Jesus I thought mine was bad, but it still looks better than yours after tidy up. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t know where to start.

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what do you mean by… after? :thinking: