Show Us Your Dedicated Listening Room

Lately I´ve been thinking a lot of a dedicated listening room. Not a living room or another type of room with a pair of speakers in it. I mean a real dedicated listening room with acoustical treatment to maximize the listening experience. A room designed to measure and sound perfect.

How did you design it ? What should i think about ? Something you regret when building yours ?

I know there are professionals that can help with this, but before I take the step, I want some inspiration.

The potential room I could use for this is around 25 - 30 sqm with 3,2m in height.
Speakers for the time being is the Genelec 8361A - don´t know what I will use in the listening room in the future , but active speakers with DSP for sure !

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I don’t want to hijack your post, I’m just suggesting that you may also find more to the point information in some other (dedicated to the subject) forums.

Thank you for the link ! Never seen that forum before !
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