Show us your music collection in Roon


We have pics of Roon hardware, how about collections well curated in Roon?

For those investing the time to setup the albums it would be interesting to see your best practices.

Here is one example from The Allman Brothers Band. It has MFSL hybrid SACDs and Deluxe Editions.

(Derek Wyman) #2


still need to clean up some covers that didn’t come over 100%.


Nice Boss collection! It’s hard to see. How did you organize the BOX Sets like The Ties that Bind: The River Collection and some of the Official Concert Downloads like “The Unbroken Promise”. One tile with tabs per disc? Do you have “The Album Collection” box as one item?

I need to organize my Springsteen. Page 1 is below but the concerts and Album Collection aren’t setup well. I also am thinking of pulling out from main albums anything that isn’t “official”.

(Derek Wyman) #4

If you click on the “album” link you can see bigger grabs that are easier to see.

I do the boxes as individual library items, each tagged as such. (so, The Promise, Darkness, Thrill Hill Vault, Paramount and Houston are “albums” on thier own.

Official live discs I do as they were intended but boots I do almost all as a single disc.

I moved over from foobar and had tags for the tours to separate all the live shows out, haven’t found anyway to use those tags in Roon, so will likely use the Roon tags to do something similar.

My foobar setup was very tag oriented, been having to retrain my brain on Roon lol.

(Derek Wyman) #5

Going to be tedious, but it’s a start (tour tags added to one tour lol)



Roon had the UK original vinyl LP!
I left the Live discs as two tiles vs 1 since originally different lps

(Derek Wyman) #7

I created a profile for “Bruce” and added the tour tags to that profile (to keep my main tag list clean)

…and I started to tag my vinyl (loooong way to go lol)


Did you tag your vinyl “Archive” and then focus on tag “Archive”?

I had my files tagged as “Album Name (nd)” so I displayed the file meta data and then searched on “nd”. I then tagged all that as “needle droop”. Now I focus on tags and choose “needle droop”

I need to use my file art or fix in Roon. Most of my library is fresh from importing. It’s a major project to get it correct.

I still need to get back and finish my Bruce Springsteen


Interesting…so you have a “profile” which is like a different person’s collection that only contains Bruce springsteen. you then tagged concerts by tour.

I don’t have that many concerts so my desire is to have the “album type” segment the concerts from the official albums just like album type segments Singles and Other. Today I just tag bootleg concerts as “other” so they are not mixed in with the regular albums and big release official live albums. The recent flood of official conerts and semi-official blurs the line and AMG puts official concerts as compilations which I too would like segmented. I would be happy matching the AMG album type segmentation. I want to pull an artist view and see each segment…starting with main.

I usually have no Singles so tagging concerts as Other works. I don’t have many concerts. Your collection of Bruce is amazing…

(Derek Wyman) #10

It’s a bit odd how roon handles profiles, but it does allow you to separate tags which let’s me organize my bootlegs a bit deeper without making a tag cloud out of my profile.

I too would like the bootlegs excluded from the main album view. It takes a bit of scrolling to browse studio/official releases. I may try your “other” trick. Seems like a reasonable sorting method.

I wonder why roon lumps “other” into singles and eps?

It’s not a “big” deal, but doesn’t seem to be logical.


Agree…Roon has Album Type with choices but not all those choices result in segmenting out the type. Most just put a graphic on the album tile (i.e. Bootleg).


I am working on KING CRIMSON and matching the Blu-ray and DVD-Audio rips to the meta data is killing me. Some have over 100 tracks on one disc grouped in 3-7 groups so my New Mix might not be the first set of tracks in the meta data. I need to list my tracks and the meta data tracks and cross reference then type the disc and track numbers into Roon once so that I have the ORIGINAL MIX, NEW MIX, 5.1 MIX, BONUS TRACKS all matched.

I also want to be able to understand what I have and quickly find it. 5.1 mix vs. new stereo mix, etc.

There big 20 disc boxes are overwhelming but I’m getting there. Here’s my current setup with various experiments.

I did create a separate tile for 5.1 (MC) tracks for ease of finding and playing 5.1.