Show us your music collection in Roon


Thanks for sharing — impressive.

I have a few famous opera titles but nothing as special as yours. I have yet to think about how to organize.

Have you done anything special in tagging to support your desired listings (like the one show )?

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Cecil Percival Taylor (March 15, 1929 – April 5, 2018)

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Hi, thanks. No I just did normal tagging. With classical I believe it is very important that you make up your mind how you want to tag stuff and stick with it - as in Composer (without first name): worktitle, Albumartist: Conductor etc.
That makes finding things easier. Then I simply bookmarked Mario del Monaco and there it is.


I just imported by Classical Collection. I have been to intimidated to try to do much tagging in the past. I would like to get this more organized so I can quickly find: composer, artists, conductors, and issues like Mercury Living Presence and mixes like 5.1.


How do you have Cecil Taylor or even Jazz organized? The looks like ARTIST by data added? I assume it would be just as easy to display by original release date, but how do you know what versions of these titles you have?

I don’t have many Cecil Taylor but I want to go back and note which mastering of the Blue Notes I have and note the OJC’s (which usually is easy by the cover if they are tagged correctly).

I am also trying to tag any jazz audiophile discs I have (APO, etc.).

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Some new cd’s added to my Innuos Zen this weekend…

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Great stuff, but why do you not merge albums with more than one disc? Like the Mahler 8 which is there 3 times.

Btw am a great fan of the Mercury recordings.

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Most of my collection was/is organized to work with Logitech Media Server since I’ve come over to Roon after having used LMS for over ten years. I use a very simple and straight forward tagging methodology since there seems to be no consistency across the various music server programs (LMS, JRiver, Roon, iTunes, etc.) on how non-standard tags are used. Basically I rely on simple text searches to find things and luckily Roon makes this approach very easy. I do wish that Roon would allow artist + title searches, although one can accomplish a similar search by using focus “performers” and then focus “album title”.

As for versions I don’t just don’t have the same passion that many of my fellow music lovers have for those kinds of things. Sure I would to like to have the best sounding version available but if I already have a very nice sounding version I don’t much mind. I also have quite a number of various bootleg recordings and the sound quality of most bootlegs is questionable at best.

I have to Roon set to hide duplicates (but this only seems to work on “identified” recordings) so one has to select the recording to see the versions that are in the library.

And to those 85 Cecil Taylor recordings add three more by the Feel Trio.

I have tons of great sounding, no make that outstanding sounding jazz recordings that also feature great music and are not on the standard audiophile’s radar. I also have many so called audiophile jazz recordings that may sound great but have less than inspired playing and music. I tend not to go by how the music is labeled but by how the music sounds.

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I gave all my Mercury Living Presence Recordings the same label “Mercury” that way they are easily found


That was a good idea. I sorted by CLASSICAL and then MERCURY.
I have some dupes to clean up.


I need to pull out my RCA Living Stere0 discs and see what is missing between my discs and this list. I just did a quick search and tag.


Jerry Lee Lewis highlights decisions on how to tag Bear Family Box Sets. The boxes are compilations with cover art for the box and numbered covers for each 1 or 2CD jewel case. I like how the jewel cases spell out the name of the box. I could have each box with one tile and flip through the photos to see what tracks are on each disc (wish the cover art would change when I click on a disc) but since the Bear boxes are most of my JLL collection I enjoy having tile for each cover within the box (but lose the familiar box cover art until I click through the photos. Again, ideally there would be one tile with box cover and then clicking on the disc # would flip to the appropriate disc art.

The Survivors Live album is interesting. My rip comes from the Johnny Cash Complete Album Collection box but I wanted the AMG review data for the album not the entire box so I ID’ed as the individual release and changed some of the metadata. Those big complete album collection boxes could have one tile and one review but I like each album cover and each album’s review. I wish I could also add comments regarding coming from the box and the box review as well.

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Bear boxes?


Yes. There are three Bear boxes plus Star Club is a Bear single CD so there are 27 Bear cds of Jerry Lee!

PC audio makes these massive collections more manageable and configurable.

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Ah, you mean “Bare” boxes, not “Bear” as in the animal.


“Bear Family Records” as in the German label that puts out these comprehensive sets and uses the Bear animal as their logo as shown in the pic.

There are three box sets by the label: 2 8cd sets and the last one has 10 cds) and one single CD title in my Jerry Lee collection.

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Well you live and learn, “Bear” records, I had never heard of them, my bad.


Bear Family sets are a work of love and highly recommended if you want more than the 1 or 2 CD best of collections… They are comprehensive with extensive session notes: a scholastic archive.

Check out this new Lefty Frizzell box as a great example. It re-issues multiple prior Bear boxes in one set.

The box (minus the audio book) in my Roon (12 CDs)

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These are the albums I’ve added to my system since Christmas.

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And when are you going to listen?