Show us your music collection in Roon

(Alan McMillan) #61

I’m listening right now to Schmidt’s 3rd.


I am a sucker for ECM’s jazz piano trios!

(Rene Bouwmeester) #63

For a split second, I thought I was looking at my own Roon screens. :slight_smile:

(R. Neal) #65


Have you been to the Big House in Macon? Highly recommended.

(Dom) #66

Obviously a bit of a Boris Godunov phase at the moment…

(Mark) #67

(Mr Fix It ) #68

Im having dejavu


Eventually I will clean up Black Sabbath metadata which takes some patience. Most of the older CDs and early records don’t have meta data but can be edits of something close. This required typing in catalog numbers etc. and correcting mastering engineers. Sometimes it fun to drag out the discs and transpose the data but it’s useable as is…

there are a few versions that aren’t really needed but I had those before getting others.

(Derek Wyman) #70

Most Played since becoming a roon-convert :slight_smile:


Nice, not sure I have much in terms of most played. I have been using radio and going from one album to another without much repeat…unless I am doing an A-B which has upped the play count on a few :slight_smile:

I love the “Rabbit Fur Coat” Jenny Lewis album on your list.

(Derek Wyman) #72

One of my all time favorite records

An agnostic gospel album :slight_smile: