Show us your RPis!

Price dropped after your first post, then went way up

Hi guys,

While I am frustrated by the prices of RPi’s too, can we please go back to the goal of the topic starter: showing the RPi’s with Roon we have?


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Running a Pi4B 8g running Ropieee with the 7” touchscreen all enclosed in a touchscreen case. This feeds my Topping E50 as my home office head-fi station.

Years ago, Hans B introduced me to Allo products (DigiOne and USBridge) which turned cheap single-board computers with HATs into quality sound sources for my Meridian DSP speakers. USBridge featured their Sparky SBC instead of an RPi (but still running DietPi), which I continue to enjoy through a Singxer SU-6 DDC.

As time went on, I found that an RPi with digital input HAT could be used to import SPDIF signals (via Roon’s Extension Manager) into my HAF convolution engine room correction filters so that all digital sources, not just Roon network endpoints, could benefit. All of which means that I also have a 4b/8gb with input HAT running DietPi to handle various extensions (in addition to the 3bs).

I’ve prepared 3b RPi boards for neighbors using Volumio and PiCore Player, and still have three of them installed in Allo DigiOne, DigiOne Signature and USBridge/DigiOne Signature transports.

-Don’t blame me for today’s shortages.


I have 4 Pis running at home:

  • 2x 4B ru* nning LibreELEC for KODI, plugged into TVs and doing 4K HDR video like champs
  • 1x 2B with a 7" touchscreen, plugged into a TOPPING D50s for the main system, running Ropieee
  • 1x 3B+ with an amp HAT, rotary encoder and deported IR remote, in a box with nice connectors, running DietPI

More on the last one:



RPi 4B running raspios-buster-lite with dancyPi-audio-reactive-led installed as a real-time LED-strip music-visualizer, illuminating a burnt-out 3.6kW Eimac 3-1000Z RF-transmitter tube from below.

RPi-display is used as Roon web-display with a customized layout via bare-minimum chromium/openbox/Xserver install.

All auto-starting on power-up, since I shutdown everything when not listening … fun little project.


That is an exception build and a very entertaining read. Well done and thanks for sharing it!

Mobile system…of sorts. Raspberry Pi zero 2 W running Ropieee. Dragonfly Cobalt with Jitterbug FMJ ( I know…overkill) and the KZ ZSX terminator.

Sound really nice, especially considering the total costs.


A nice little setup @Cees_Vreugdenhil

Does it run hot?

No, not at all. No problems :grinning:

New gadget, the NanoPi-R5C … kinda like the R4S, but adds fast Wi-Fi, an HDMI output, and built in eMMC storage … small footprint, nice heavy metal case, dual Gbps ethernet, 4GB memory … so far seems like a great platform for a DIY streamer


Sorry for being ignorant and I want to say I admire the creative work shown here. So my apologies for asking if there is some recommended ready to use Pi set with a decent USB board out there to order online?

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I second to that question.
I went for the Zen Stream just being afraid of the Pis (all the hats, reading, not the assembling)

If you can find one, the stock Pi 4 has a
built in USB ports suitable for audio use.

The Pi 3 does too, but the USB shares some resources with the Ethernet port, so the Pi 4 is considered better.

So for USB DACs you don’t need a hat or anything extra over the Pi board, case, and power supply.


I somehow remembered something was in the weeds with the 3 design. Thanks for that advice.

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@tgp-2 what OS are you running on this box?

currently running headless ubuntu 22.04 … the r5c was released very recently and I’m still limited to using the install images provided by the vendor (and I’ve had some issues getting any of these with a desktop gui to boot consistently … seems there are still some early issues to work out) … will switch to Armbian when/if it adds support for this device

[update 12/29/2022] … now booting DietPi and functional using the NanoPi R5S image … R5C uses same kernel, same/similar CPU, etc. (not officially supported yet, but still much better than the vendor-provided install images)


Cross-posting… RPi4 in a Flirc case, wireless driving a very old skool set-up that I love.

RPi 3 + HifiBerry AMP2 HAT amplifier with Airplay and Roon endpoint for my wife’s Tannoy bookshelves. She likes to crank up Tears for Fears and dance in the living room.

Only problem: can’t find a case that fits the Pi3+HAT. Any ideas? So out of stock so far. Could follow my son’s idea from 12 years ago and build a Lego case (that was just a Pi, they didn’t have version numbers back them!).

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Try putting it in a guitar switch box enclosure like one of these:
You might need to drill some holes for cooling.