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Sometimes some convolution for my HD 800 S.

I notice that some signal paths shown here do not show “Roon Advanced Audio Transport”? Why?

Hmm. Not sure.

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My Oppo 203 is plugged directly into my Nucleus using HDMI, yet it shows that.

Mine is a Linn DS streamer and RAAT does not turn up on the signal path?

I think it is because Linn does not implement RAAT for their streamers.

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I have USB between Core on Mac and DAC, still says RAAT.

USB does use RAAT as the protocol is used internally in the core. That is then encapsulated in TCP/IP for network transport if required or stripped away for ALSA, ASIO or whatever for USB. As a consequence you can group USB connected devices with networked devices using RAAT, which is probably why they went to that trouble.

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Here is mine, double precision streaming to HQPlayer, which in turn sends to NNA on a Raspberry 4

NAD T 777 v3 into Dali Rubicon LCR’s and an SVS SB 4000 sub.

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Had to switch my USBridge Signature from running DietPi to Ropieee. DietPi was causing too many clicks. Ropieee is perfect! Also switched my Mac Mini to tun Roon Server. Super smooth sound!

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RPi4 > PUC2 Lite > Yggy AES/EBU

Headphone station: :headphones:

  • Raspberry PI 3B+ with display running RoPieee
  • Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital
  • Aune X7s Class A headphone amp with Aune X1 LPS
  • Corpse Cable GR∀EDIGGER Cardas blue XLR cable
  • Dan Clark Audio (MrSpeakers) ETHER C Flow
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I sure have been enjoying the DSD512 upsampling. I only turn it on when I am in the listening spot. If I am puttering about the place, I will not tax the CPU.

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I like it as short and clean as possible…

Headphone station signal path for non-MQA Tidal stream. :headphones:

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if this path is changed from mac mini to ropieexl do things improve?

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