Showing album art on Roon Main PC


I have a windows PC where the Roon server software runs, and a 27" monitor connected to the PC. The monitor is wall mounted, and mainly used as an extra monitor when watching football etc.
I use an iPad and the Roon app to play music.

Is it possible to show the album art in full screen for “Currently playing” as an option on the main PC moitor, instead of “last played” on that machine? I can se whats currently playing on the bottom of the screen, but it would have been fantastic to see the cover art and song names on the whole screen, almost like an LP cover.

Best regards

This was posted in the Feature Request section, so I totally agree…

Can’t you have browser on the monitor and use the display function?

If thats a possibility I’ll try. Is it described how to do this anywhere? And where should the browswer point, as the playing unit is an iPad?

Thanks!! Will try asap!