Showing (off) your Guitar collection

I know we have a few members interested in guitars here so a couple pictures of our very small and modest collection.


Thanks @Carl .
Not sure how much traction as its own topic it will gain though!

But I will endeavor to take some much better pictures tomorrow.
Especially of the second Schecter as the figuring really pops in the flesh and that was not captured in the photo at all.

The first Schecter , the Synyster Gates model, I just had to have being a huge Avenged Sevenfold fan.

And the little Ovation is such a sweet player with a great sound.

I bet that Ovation plays as sweet as it looks… I pulled an Ovation off a showroom wall a few years back and it did not take long playing it for me throw down the cash and take it home.

I’ll post a few pics at some point. Cool topic for a thread btw.

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Let’s see, I suspect there will be a few that are interested.

Let’s invite @Chrislayeruk and @joel I know they are affectionados.


I have a minimalist “collection” of just one … a Yamaha CPX1000 electro acoustic… and a Marshall AS100D amp so I can annoy the neighbours :wink:

My wife the real player … she studied music at university and specialised in voice and classical guitar … she plays a Welson Castilla.


Likewise in this household but it’s my daughter who is the real star.
Pitch perfect voice, plays piano and guitar.
Sometimes I hate her…:rofl::rofl:
I am just a clunker but it’s great therapy.


We actually tried some much more expensive guitars at the time but my daughter preferred the way this one felt and played so that was that.
Dad got to save some money for a change!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

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Here is the sole combo amp we have.
However we truly need nothing more, it is incredible.
Orange Crush TH30C…




I recently became the proud owner of an Emerald X20 carbon fibre guitar…

The shipping video from Emerald is very interesting. My guitar features at 7.30 mins in…


If you do want a nice guitar and to raise some money for Charity. Check out Julian O’Dell on Facebook. He puts on a great music festival also… Catfest…. Again all in aid of Cancer Charities…



Very nice, thank you very much for sharing!

That is a killer looking axe with the absolute best KC cover airbrushed on it!
Good job I am now in the USA or I might be seriously tempted!

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Hard to get a good picture of the Hellraiser ( got to love Schecter names!)
Best I got so far, maybe I need to break out my “real” camera instead of my phone!


There is a great YouTube interviewing Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Very philosophical at this age. He has faced substance abuse and then cancer. I do not personally own any pointy guitars, but I can see where others would seek them out. the #1 Les Paul is up for auction.

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I have posted some of these before.



What type of sound signature does the carbon fibre have Chris?

Lovely Marshalls😁