Showing (off) your Guitar collection

Off topic I’m sure because it’s not my guitar so be on the lookout for the new topic police. I couldn’t decide to pollute here or the drinking+pair with music thread.

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What the fugging heck?


The hole in the case makes it seem plausible. Hope the cable service was worth it.

Man, that hurts! I hope that photo was being taken for his home-owners insurance!

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I’m pretty sure the “cable guy” would not escaped intact if that had been mine.

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Cost wise, 3 to 4k?

Genuinely interested if that counts as a full insurance replacement. I can’t see that a hole like that can be repaired adequately or to the owner’s satisfaction. I’d take the insurance money; never liked dreadnoughts…

P.S. Is that really a hole in the case? :thinking:

Predrilled for a strap nut.

BTW, I’m not convinced about the story. Would have to be a very long drill bit for its diameter. Fake news.

Hi Joel

I drill holes for my job. I have a 1 meter, 10mm drill bit.

Agree the hole looks smaller.

If it was a stone drill bit the hole(s) would look different. More damage around the edges.

The hole, (I’m over analysing this) is too neat and suggests a wood drill bit was used and unlikely to have a drill bit as long as the depth of a wall at the approx diameter of 5 to 6mm. So unless the guitar was standing up and the ‘cable guy’ drilled through the floor, it’s very difficult to believe this to be true.

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Yeah, hole looks too small for a long cable-guy drill bit. The ones I’ve seen that go through wood/concrete/stone, etc. are much bigger. I don’t think a coax cable could fit through that hole!

Regardless of whether a cable guy did it, it’s still a drill hole. Bummer.

On the repair, I’d guess that a good luthier could fix it so it would be near good as new, and wouldn’t affect sound or structure. Value of the guitar (if sold) will drop significantly tho, obviously.

Owner has a good story tho. So that’s something.



@MamaTried :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Wow big hullabaloo on that guitar with the hole. Saw it on another site about guitars and thought it would get a laugh. Didn’t know it would be so controversial. I’ve run lots of coax and cat5 cables with long skinny drill bits…up and down multiple floors. Can’t speak to the validity. Enjoy solving the mystery.

A little more entertaining perhaps…



What make is that one?
I have a mij Tokai from mid seventies.


Hi Ace, it’s a Gibson with split coil humbuckers, it was a low production run that probably went under the radar due to not being Korina and not being gaudy.