Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

This is the lastest addition to my set up :thinking:


My Roon setup:

On the top shelf to the left - DIY Intel NUC7i7DNBE ROCK Roon Server with the internal linear power supply, usb ethernet adapter and SSD Samsung 860 Evo 4 TB, fanless. To the right - DIY ethernet DSD DAC AK4490 dual mono , built-in volume control with remote control.
NUC is connected directly with the DAC by using ethernet cable AQ Diamond.


Schneider Weisse all the way :grin:
Amazing setup @Aleksander_Tengesdal


I would love to know more about your DIY ROCK, specifically the case and the internal LPS?

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Astounding set up.

You mean his (Nucleus+)^2 ? :grin:


Can you elaborate on the subs?
Are they reflex vented?
Why not the original Avantgarde horn subs?

I would replace the Erdinger with Schneider Aventinus Eisbock :heart_eyes:

Right you are :+1:
Ever tried Schneider Aventinus Eisbock? :heart_eyes:

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My setup right now.


Ha. No I haven’t but I’ll definitely try it now. Thanks for the recommendation.

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It’s a real shame you seem not to like much bass! :flushed:


Roon Server is on a windows 10 PC in another room.


Vented but not reflex.
4x15inch BD-Design woofers per channel driven by 2xParasound A21 through a Rod Elliott crossover with analog EQ
The original Avantgarde basshorns are to expensive for my wallet, have heard them a number of times though and i honestly think my setup sounds better :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info.
Vented but not reflex? Something like Onken or similar?
How high up do your subs play? 100hz?
Enjoy your awesome system :+1:

Similar yes :slight_smile:
The basspeakers start at 140hz and goes down to around 25hz.
Have a couple of SVS tube subwoofers in the rear corners that takes over from there and downwards to around 16hz. But they are almost only used when i watch movies :slight_smile:


What is the case for the pi screen and what else is inside as its huge.

It is a Streacom FC12 chassi and inside is PSU for Pi (I use a exterrnal 230/12Vdc PSU and inside is a 12/5Vdc PSU for Pi), some other stuff for 12Vdc triggercontrol of the DAC and amplifier (the powerbutton on the Streacom chassi switches on and off all devices). One of the SR4 PSU and the SOtM sMS-200ultra is also inside the chassi.


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Nice work. So did you have to cut out the hole yourself for the touchscreen?

Simon, there is a great company based in Italy called

They have a great range of cases and will CNC holes and cutouts to your specification. I used them for this project 603ebf1a2ac7e3930ce570009b3fcecc6191e6be_1_690x352

The cost was around 70 euros, that included the case, the CNC work and shipping to the UK.


Yes I cut out the hole by my self.