Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Thanks Danny. I had my Maggies before I met my wife, so I had to figure out a way to please both… :heart_eyes:

  • QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G-US 4-Bay Intel Core i3 3.5GHz Dual Core, 4GB RAM, 24TB - LINUX
  • Multiple NAS backup(s), combo of QNAP + Drobo
  • Multi-Room, separate endpoints all Meridian (Combo of MS200 (6), 861v8, 818v3)
  • “Home-Run” rack system away from all endpoint(s), Cat5/7 cabling
  • Multiple iPad’s (8), mapped to zone(s), 85" 4K Samsung (airplay mirror), iMac 27"
  • Audiophile quality in all zones, including MQA resolution in 1 zone
  • Pro’s : engaging interface, superior meta data and graphics, easier administration of metadata, better ‘Focus’ than Sooloos, more clever ways to ‘Discover’ music with simple clicks …
  • Con’s : Buggy (crashing issues), responsiveness issues (ie. Tidal integration, too much time delay from when buttons are pressed), overall experiencing general COMMS issues w/Meridian + other endpoints, and lack of configurability to the end user (which I think should be one of the BIGGEST strengths, users should ‘create’ their console IMHO)
  • Net Net for me : ROON has the opportunity to be a true game changer, an engagement platform for audio that will hopefully continue to immerse their user base deeper into the artists they follow. I hope they continue to build a more stable platform and build/grow a vibrant ecosystem to hook into their core metadata/platform, I am excited and for now I’m “all in”. I am rooting for ROON in a big way, and do believe they have a shot at becoming the gold standard for audiophiles and users that want to understand more and connect to the music and artists they are listening to … and at the highest (audiophile if they choose) quality audio. Keep up the positive momentum for future releases!

Here’s my current (starting) set-up; not sure where I will go next - I didn’t want to buy any new hardware until I had more chance to research and try things out, so just using the kit I already have. I want to remove my reliance on a laptop and move to an always on store for the Roon core, but not sure where I will end up.

Sound is pretty good, but the Sony VAIO fan kicks noisily, so hard to compare with other solutions at the moment (I have a Naim NDX streamer as well)

It looks as though a Network Audio Appliance like the Sonicorbiter could do wonders in your system for not much money by using it as a Roon endpoint instead of the Sony Vaio. That way your Desktop PC could act as the Roon Core and keep the noise out of your listening environment.

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thanks @sdolezalek, I have been looking at sonicorbiter or microrendu as a ‘no regrets’ first step, but not decided yet.

In terms of the desktop PC, my only reluctance (to using it as the core) is the amount of power usage I would incur by having it on all the time. Of course, I could upgrade my NAS to use as the core…

options, options…

Here’s my current setup. I’ve tried a microRendu with a Dragonfly v1.2 in parallel with the RPi + IQaudio, but without being able to hear any difference.

I’m thinking of replacing my Quad 44 + 405 combo with a Quad Artera Link + Quad Artera Stereo, once the Artera Link is available. I’ll keep the microRendu until then, and see whether it works better with the Artera Link. However, the Artera Link is itself a networked device, so it may well render the microRendu superfluous. On the other hand, I’ve been told by Quad that the Artera Link will not be Roon Ready, so I’m not yet sure whether it will work with Roon… Time will tell.

Edit: Network layout shown above is as per September 2016.

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iMac 27 retina 5k Roon Core, attached Raid SSD…>Cambridge DAC Magic Plus>PSB desktop powered speakers & HEOS 5 speaker (office rig)

iMac 27 retina 5k Roon core, attached Raid SSD>ethernet over power Linksys Plek 500>Linksys switch>Bryston BDP-1 or Sonore microRendu>Wyred4Sound DAC-2>Audio Horizons Tube buffer>Wyred4Sound STI-500 integrated amp/Wyred4Sound MC7x250 amp (Yamaha RX-A3010 AVR as prepro)>Monitor Gold Reference GR20x4, GR10x2, GSFXx2, GRLCR, RS1x2, ML Dynamo sub. Power supplied via PS Audio P5. (media room)

Adding PS Audio LANRover this week (beta tester) :grinning:

Here is my current setup.
Bedroom : Self built PC with Core i5 8Gb ram and a 4Tb hdd for storing my roon music files running windows10.
Denon DA-300USB dac and a NAD VISO HP50 headphone.
Living Room : RaspberryPi with Hifiberry Digi+ running the Hifiberry SDcard image.
and a Core i7 HTPC with 16GB ram driving a Meridian Explorer 2 with a Schitt Wyrd inbetween.
The Hifiberry Digi+ connected to the coaxial digital input of my amp,the explorer 2 to the analog cd input.
The amplifier is a Denon PMA-2500NE,speakers are KEF R900 black.

Love the album covers on the wall, did you frame them?

Thanks mate. Here in Oz, Ikea have them for $7 each (metal/glass) and they are made for albums too.
Worth every cent too

This is mine.

Mac mini ssd, Roon, audioquest diamond usb, ipad, msb analog, classè cp 800, classè ca 2300, vienna acoustics beethoven bb s.e. Van den hul the mountain, val the hul the cloud.


ASUS Vivo PC to NAD M51 DAC to Accuphase A-36 to Avantgarde DUOs

Have had this set up for years the ROON/ Tidal front end is the best yet. I really enjoy the vast TIDAL library it eclipses my 2TB of music that I have collected over the years. Thanks guys, looking forward to MQA. :slight_smile:


Wyred4Sound STI-500 integrated amp
Wyred4Sound MC7x250 multi-channel amp
Wyred4Sound DAC-2 with femto clock upgrade
Yamaha RX-A3010 (used as a prepro)
Audio Horizons 5.1 Tube buffer (uses 6DJ8s)
Bryston BDP-1
Oppo BDP-95
Sony CDP601ES (made in 1993)
PS Audio PowerPlant P5
Modified Sonos ZP 90
Sonore microRendu (added Channel Island Audio 9v Power Supply)
Monitor Audio Speakers (GR20 - 2 pairs, GR10, GSFX, GRLCR, RS1)
Martin Logan Dynamo subwoofer.


That is a lot of high quality electronics, but I’d say you can gain a lot by placing the speakers properly.
Separate, a bit away from the walls and you’ll get a much better soundstage.


Agreed. Unfortunately, room configuration and WAF are factors in my layout. It works pretty well though.

(Hard to tell in the photo, but the entertainment center and speakers are in a recessed wall pocket…door to the rear yard to the left, fireplace to the right, each 18 inches from the outer speaker edges.)

Afaid @paaj is right. With that speaker placement your hi-fi definitely isn’t showing anywhere near its potential. Not meant as criticism, just statement of fact. I’d move them out into the room for listening, hell I’d even put them on wheels if I had to for listening.

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As previously stated, “Unfortunately, room configuration and WAF are factors in my layout.”

You haven’t met my wife…:grin:

If it were “just my room,” I would actually reverse the seating area to sit inside the recessed wall, and put stuff on the long wall where I sit. However, that said, I must sacrifice soundstage for household peace.



So after almost year using Roon I would like to show my setup.
I have to setups: one for stereo music, second for 5.1 sound.
Stereo setup:

  • Mac Mini with second 2TB HDD with music files,
  • Wireworld Ultraviolet 7 USB Cable,
  • Yamaha CD-S2100 (SACD/CD Player with DSD DAC),
  • AudioQuest Red River XLR,
  • Yamaha A-S2100,
  • Furutech U-2T 2x3m,
  • Chario Delphinus Constellation,
  • iPad Mini 2 as remote.

BTW Roon IMHO is great software for listening music. Earlier I used MC21. MC21 is better in one functionality over Roon - it’s SACD ISO support which I have a lot.



Sorry for my camera, on the picture my TV looks like to be curve but it isn’t.


Well, after some thought, I installed some wheels on my homebuilt speaker platforms. I never would have thought of it, @evand, @paaj, but it was a pretty simple solution. Pictures attached. Thanks for the honest feedback!


and how’s it sound with the speakers rolled out into the room?