Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Linn LP12 with Lingo, Ekos2, Greenstreet sub-chassis, Tiger Paw Tranquility magnetic bearing mod, and either Linn Kandid, Benz Ref. 2 Silver, or VdH Frog cartridge.

I like the Frog, it’s a nice cart!

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Me too - it’s been re-tipped now 3 times, and I keep just wearing it out over time.

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Speaker , little just like the WAF !!!

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My headphone rig at my home office, from top:

  • Moon MiND2 Network Player (Upgraded Moon Neo MiND)
  • Schiit Yggdrasil Analog2
  • Moon 430HAD
  • Isotek Sigmas EVO3

to the right (can only see a small part of the screen) - iMac Pro; and behind the iMac you can see part of Audiobyte Hydra Z attached to Hydra ZPM and iFi micro iUSB3.0. Connected to the headphone amplifier is either Audeze LCD-4 (rev 2) or Audeze LCD-XC (rev 2).

Nucleus+ used as Roon core (not visible here


That’s some nice Schiit :grinning:


Interesting that you hear a difference between grille on and off. I automatically removed the grilles from my ATC SCM 19s as I just like the looks better without grilles. Never thought it could make a sonic difference.

There will be a sonic difference. Just try :slight_smile:

Here’s a silly video that I made yesterday (sadly, with my smartphone camera) of Roon streaming MQA to my loft listening room:

The (Hifi) 50s have very different grills than the 19s. Yours have a metal grill that is meant to be acoustical neutral. Therefore your are free to make any aesthetic or safety driven decision.

The (Hifi) 50s and above have a (square looking but actually round) wooden frame with air holes on the sides covered with acoustic fabric. (The pro versions of that range don’t have grills at all. They have a wooden frame integrated that creates an edge rounded baffle, that is a - passive - acoustic element of the loudspeaker). Also the tweeters in the Hifi versions are tuned to compensate the fabric. So taking the grills off the 50s is changing the sound.

I have a small boy (under two years) running around and playing directly in front of these speakers. So not only for sonic reasons I only strip them for pictures, I also prefer the sound with grills on. As much as I love to look at the drivers I like the understatement when they are covered. The surprise when these “boxes” start performing is priceless.


Here’s my “Sonos Bar” zone. Roon lyrics on center TV and Thunder game on each side. A pair of JBL Century’s at the top driven by a Sonos Connect. I’m getting a little light on the booze so need to make a beer run.


Finally got a good W today :grin: :basketball:

Cool bar there mate.

Yeah, about time.

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Apologies. Shouldn’t have revealed the W, in case you were catchin up on League Pass (like I mostly do)…

I hate when people do that :grin:

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Haha, thanks but watched it real time. I’m laughing because my buddy goes to bed early and records the game. I can’t count the number of times I’ve ruined it for him. Funny…

Haha I know, happens to me all the time.

Will do that!

I used to have metal grilles on my previous ATC SCM 11s, that were the typical metal types latching magnetically onto the wooden frame. They seem to be sonically neutral, as you say. The thing with the 11s was that they had ATC‘s in-house made Neodynium tweeters. To me, those sounded too bright, and I couldn‘t listen to some Miles Davis albums any more as his muted trumpet sounded piercingly bright.
I talked to the local ATC dealer and he happened to have a version 1 ATC SCM 19 that I could audition for a few days. Those 19s have older tweeters built in, that sound smooth and extremely pleasant. It was a matter of seconds to decide that I buy them. Extremely good, revealing and pleasant speakers, that lack the extremely bright sound of the version 2 speakers.
They do come with a fabric grille that I removed immediately. So I shall give it a try to listen with the grilles off, even though the sound without grilles is already wonderful. Thanks for the tip!