Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

No problem :+1:t3:

Hi John,
I love your Avalons! Great-sounding speakers! (A friend of mine has them, too.)

Nice. HQPlayer?

Congratulations on your absolutely impressive listening studio. The many acoustic treatments actually enhance the look of the room, which isn’t often the case. BTW, about two years ago, I had the chance to hear a pair of BM Line 35. By far the best speakers I’ve ever heard. IMHO digital actives are the way to go. Unfortunately, your BMs are way above my price range. I envy you…

Keep enjoying the music (which probably won’t be very difficult in such a great room with world-class speakers :wink:)!

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Thanks a lot. I’ve just sent you a PM.

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Yes with Sounds great.


Great picture of a very nice room and fantastic audio gear. Since you seem to be a T&A fan, do you happen to have any first-hand experience with their Solitaire headphone system (Solitaire P + HA 200)? I haven’t had the chance to hear it yet…

My laptop system.


Lovely looking speakers.

This is my living room system on a winter night a few years ago


Some changes lately, like this guy

And a new to me Belles SA-30 came in the door, although he is missing a tube pre which will arrive later this year.


Graham audio?

Yes, have had it for two years now, but just now started to get the equipment I want to pair with it, a Supratek Cabernet hopefully will arrive later this year, but the speakers are not very fussy, sound great with my DK Design intergraded with Mullard tubes. But I wanted to have an even better sound, therefore the Belles and the Supratek, hopefully it will be good synergy.

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My cellphone cannot do that wide…!

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I spy an AKG fan. :grin:

ohhhhh this is very nice. I like. clean and neat. Love the minimalist approach.


Yes, I am no headphone expert, but I like a sound that is well balanced and I feel that AKG gives me that

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Nice looking roon space.

Me too. Not a big headphones user, yet auditioned the usual suspects but as soon as I heard the AKG K812… Sold. As you said the right balance. For me they where clean, precise, wide, uncoloured, vocals stood out. Really hard to find a good headphone amp in my experience.

All that said, speakers do it for me…

wow, impessing :slight_smile:

i know the beautifull sound of your BM35, i had a few chances to listen to them. B&M Factory is just 10km away from me and i was there a few times.
Before my ATCs i had some B&M too, but the older ones.
I had BM18 Prozessor-Generation, BM4, Nano MK2 and a Sub2
had a Auralic Vega and Aries too
here`s a picture of all together :wink:


A small Manhattan apartment system:

Jolida 302B Tube Integrated with NOS tubes
Sonos faber Cremona Auditor M
PS Audio Nuwave DSD
Intel NUC Roon ROCK - iPad control
Synology NAS
Sony 9000ES transport

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Loved the Olympia too!