Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

I had dusted this lot before my brother in law came over once and he, really really, wanted to straighten them. I make sure to put them out of kilter when he comes over now as it’s become a family joke.


Hasn’t noticed that. Must have got bumped when I moved everything round. Will sort :smiley:

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Hi Joel,

I’d be really interested to know what the ‘decrapifier’ might be. I have the Prime and PSU but the usb connection always introduces audible noise through my headphones - have tried a couple of different PSUs from the dealer and both the same - as soon as you get past half volume there is a high pitched electrical type buzz. I’m even able to record it in quiet passages of play on my phone it is that audible! Respected UK dealer said it most likely would be the same with all the PSUs as it was repeatable on 2 units, but I still decided to keep it for power duties only. Have trawled various forums and never found anyone with the same issue so I’d be interested to get the intended functionality another way if poss?

For example:

But as I said, the Prime PSU helps the analogue amp considerably too.

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I have one question to you: have you defined the settings by yourself? Or got them predefined somewhere else? What was your approach?
Thanks for the answer

I took them from here and then played around a little

Thanks @ged_hickman1. I must try for my Meze Empyryan

Somewhat similar family joke: I have a room whose sole purpose is childhood photos of all the kids. However, I labeled the room with the name of only one child, just to annoy the other three. In a similar vain, I tell people that “I have four kids and like some of them.”


Did you pick your favourite for the room name :bowing_woman:

Not certain I understand the question, but…for example, the eldest child has a cup she uses when home. It has her name on it. I taped over that name (sloppily on purpose) and wrote her sister’s name over it.

The room holding all four’s photos…well, I put up a sign that called it “______ Room” and put post-its over the faces of the others.

There is a concept that I like one more than the others. I perpetuate that concept (while untrue) just to mess with them.

I am a real fun father.

(I tell myself)

P.S. My youngest used to bring friends over so that I could name them with my preferred names for them…like Squidward or BoBick…This was great fun for them in junior high to have a name bestowed. Some of them went on using the name as a nickname in their future.

I have to entertain them so that they will not leave me.


Just spent the last few days properly clearing and reorganising the hifi room. It had an amount of excess furniture and what furniture needed to be in there was in the wrong places.

All done not bad a blind instead of the hideous curtains, a new light fitting and a shelf.

Also got my Pi 7” touchscreen set up too :slight_smile:image image image image image


Hi dannybgoode,
Always feels good to get things organized and simplified :slightly_smiling_face:

CAUTION. I see some water damage and black mould underneath your window sill. Please take care of this first! I had a family member get a lung infection after breathing in these spores from an undetected roof leak.

Be safe,


Thanks Jason. Don’t worry it’s under control. There was just a lack of ventilation in that room so it’s just caused by an excess of condensation.

Have improved the ventilation and it’s no longer damp and the room is due to be decorated soon :slight_smile:

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Good to hear you have it under control :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Happy listening,

Be careful removing that black mold material.

I like the setup, and lighting. I’ve been in search of some decent bright lighting for some time & still searching…

This was bought at a Christmas market and is a wax candle but with a light fitting in it. I thought it was a neat idea.

I have a really nice main light fitting to go up later today - just a metal pendant type fitting and a huge, relatively dim bulb. Hopefully will give the look I am after :slight_smile:
For the first time in years I consider the setup done. It’s took time and a fari amount of swapping bits and pieces out but I still enjoy listening to records so have been trying to balance the analogue and digital front ends.

My Setup is
Roon Nucleus, 2 TB Samsung SSD
2 Meridian 218 Zone Controller
2 Accuphase E 270
Speakers Piega 90.2 and Piega 311
Control Imac and or Ipad
its all very reliable and stable


Can I ask why 2 E270? They are integrated no?
Anyway I own a McIntosh MA 7200 and If one day I buy or build another system, it will be accuphase and Tannoy!

Clove oil kills mould. My wife has lung issues and we clean everything in the house (Floor, wall, ceiling) with vinegar and a little bit of clove oil. Don’t use bleach. Bleach just makes it look better. Clove oil actually kills it. It’s not cheap but you don’t need much. We’re still on our first 1 litre bottle we bought 8-10 years ago.