Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Monitor Audio Studio 20 SE

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Wharfedale Elysian 4 Speakers
Hegel H390 Amp
Matrix Audio Element M DAC/Streamer
ProJect RPM10.1 Turntable
Primare R35 Phono Pre Amp


Been tweaking subwoofer positions and settings a bit more. Getting better and better all the time.


NUC 10 running Windows 10 (on a M.2 SSD) and Roonserver (along with a Plex server), with Tidal and a local music library on a 4TB internal spinning disk and connected to the router via Ethernet. Roon endpoing is a Pi3 with a HifiBerry digi+ Pro (running HifiBerry OS) connected via WiFi feeding a Mytek Brooklyn DAC via coax, which directly drives a wonderful (if aged) Plinius 8200P power amp driving a pair of KEF LS50s and a (similarly wonderful if aged) NHT Subone. It’s the best sounding system I’ve ever owned, having been through Vandersteen 2Ci and 2Ces, Martin Logan Aerius i, and Paradigm Studio 100s.

Bedroom system will be a pair of Paradigm Titans driven by a Pi4 with a HifiBerry Amp2 (also running HifiBerry OS.)


@killdozer I am of an age where the snake oil bites have healed and know the value and the feeling of falling for some of the hype. End game for me; I all but have it …. That said the digital domain is fascinating. Low $ for big performance is out there yet there are some high $ digital components that are spine tingling. IMHO Spend priority is #1 = Its the Music - enjoy-it #2 Speakers and or AMP #3 Digital elements #4#5#6 too close to call. As for room treatment I have had mixed results … toeing your speakers and finding the rooms sweet stop IMHO is a good part of room treatment/placement! My wife gets it and can jive to almost anything no matter the SQ anywhere and does not want to know “how much?” Forums like this tell me I may me lucky in this respect!? Have Fun.


This is my setup with the network parts.
Everything right off the green line has a separate psu, and galvanic isolation with optic fibre.

The plaid over the TV is to have not to much reflection of the sound from the loudspeakers, ( all build by myself.).


Coiling your excess wire is not recommended.

Why the tape? over the outlets?

Otherwise nice simple setup that should do well with some room correction perhaps on the SHD

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Hi there. What do you think of your Mistral Audio W-3900? I am in the market for my fist power conditioner but don’t have the budget for anything high end. The W-3900 certainly fits my budget if it works!!


How come? Some sort of interference?

What’s the difference between a coil and, like most of us have, a rat’s nest.


Think about how a transformer works…Ill give your school physics a chance to kick in…or google whatever works for you :wink:

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It’s been awhile since high school, so thank the deities for Google.

So really, unless there’s audible noise, a lot of fussy nonsense.


Well you certainly dont want to be coiling mains and audio cables in the same spaces.


You could always let your ears decide or allow people to live in blissful ignorance before introducing them to the slippery slope of audio paranoia. All my own opinion of course.


+1 for tidy wiring, for aesthetics and to stay on the safe side.

DSP active speakers south that out… Tidy!


miniDSP-SHD Studio = brilliant.

Mistral Audio W-3900 = it works! And, the toggle power switch is very convenient. Well worth it’s price.

How do you connect the miniDSP to the Reactors?

Thank you - do you think it helps sound?

Sending a picture of Roon End Point System #2:
Roon Nucleus via ethernet attached to Point #1
ATT Universe Router via ethernet to Windows 10 PC
PC to Denon AVR6300 via HDMI (source Media Player)
B&W Nautilus 803S (bi-amped in a 7.2.2 system) via Audioquest Rocket 44 x2
B&W DB4S subwoofers via Pangea Premium interconnects
Furman Elite 20 Pfi power conditioner (provides extra 45 amps when needed)
Pangea power cords on all components, subwoofers, and into Furman conditioner
Samsung MU9000 75" Screen
Samsung 4K Bluray Player
Roku Ultimate video streamer via Audioquest HDMI and Ethernet cords

I listen to Roon in 2.2. Bought the 803’s in 2002, still sound great. The Denon is several years old with AKM AK4458 DAC chips, sounds amazing. This is a home theater and gets more use for movies. Center channel is a B&W HTM2 (original) with B&W LM1 surrounds, Polk in ceiling Atmos and Back channel speakers. It’s movie night, every night there’s not a listening session happening. Happy Rooning everyone! John