Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]


An ultraRendu.


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Wow, that’s some system. The term Extreme seems apropos! Impressive. Can’t even imagine how it sounds.

Those speakers remind me of the entrance of the Guild Navigator in David Lynch’s “Dune” - only this time in stereo… :wink:


Never thought of that but you are spot on .

Most reviewers use some variant on " thrill ride " to describe the Xtremes . I’ve heard most and owned many of the top speaker systems over the years ( mostly electrostatics , e.g. , the Xtremes replaced Martin Logan Statements ) and there is nothing quite like the Xtremes . Their sweet spot is pretty much everywhere in the room . I often demo them using the SACD version of Dire Straits " Money for Nothing " or Hugh Masekela’s " Stimela " . If those cuts don’t raise goosebumps , you may be dead . Very intense .


Funny, @john_gish, that SACD of Money for Nothing is an audio club favorite. Pretty much every system demo I’ve attended includes tracks from that CD. I use it as a reference for system tuning and demos as well! First few tracks of Communique are excellent as well. Maybe we need a “system demo/reference tracks” thread!


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Hey Everyone,

Really great seeing all the awesome Roon setups. Keep them coming.

However, let’s try and keep this thread on topic. If you want to discuss specific components, etc., please start a new topic (or join and ongoing one).

Cheers, Greg

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A fellow Signals customer! and with an ultrarendu as well. I think Alister ought to stock them.:grin: It really brings out the best from chord dacs

Great looking system

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Wow, that is immense!

Out of your gear I’ve only heard the DCS stack, which makes lovely music. Even their Rossini is very good.

What does the cat think when you turn up those 8K SEs?!

She likes mellow saxophone.
Tom Waits not so much.


I miss the SL2, even after leaving Naim.

Very to find SL2 in the market.

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My dog used to howl when my brother played Britney Spears. He very much liked Beniamino Gigli singing arie antiche though.

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My cat used to hide under the couch when I played T. Waits.

Check this thread for a better way to fix room correction (with optional crosstalk reduction), that equipment deserve it: Roon & Home Audio Fidelity (Room Correction / convolution filter creation)

Thanks , Magnus , I’ll give it a try . I’ve used a number of software/hardware -based room correction systems . The only full-spectrum solution I really liked was from Tact Audio which incorporated room correction in their preamp . It was cumbersome , time-consuming and required connection to a fairly robust computer to work effectively but , at least for me , did the job .

DSpeaker was recommended to me by MBL and it corrected a bass problem that I couldn’t fix with crossover adjustments .

New Innuos Zenith SE Music Server Installed.

24hrs in and it sounds fantastic feeding a SONORE microRend 1.4 (+ LPS-1) and Chord Hugo TT