Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

LOL :slight_smile: Das ist zehr gutt.

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This is the HiFi rack (Classé, Oppo, Mytek Brooklyn, and DirecTV) along with our media room and bar.
Obviously home theatre figures into the equation as well as music. Main speakers are Usher CP8571 DMD’s.
The Roon Core is a Lenovo “Tiny” with an i7, 16GB, and a 1 TB SSD. The projector is a JVC RS 6710.
We also have a Raspberry Pi with a HiFiBerry HAT hooked up to the living room system on the main floor.

Having Tidal HiFi and Roon makes it feel like my music library has been expanded to infinity. With thousands of MQA albums available what’s not to love?


Amazing stuff. Beautiful! Better yet… no cats!

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Very nice! Like the solution to get to the cabling!
But, where’s the dog? :slight_smile:

Good catch! The water dish must have given it away. Louis and Daisy were probably out chipmunk hunting when I took the photos.
Here they are. Brittany’s, half brother and sister.


Great photos of your Hifi/media system and your dogs.:grinning:

This is my acoustically optimized listening studio (Classé Audio plus Backes & Müller loudspeakers [BM Line 35]). The acoustics in this room are absolutely awesome. To hear what happens if excellent loudspeakers produce a very deep-reaching, but tight and super fast bass is an experience I wouldn’t want to miss. Nothing is bloated or distorted. The room modes are effectively kept under control with the help of custom-made absorbers hidden in the walls and ceiling.

This is my other Hifi Rack (Stax SR-009 & SRM 727 plus Auralic Vega).


Hallo Willi, sehr schön ! wie bekommst Du die Raummoden in den Griff ?


Marco mit BM 12 :slight_smile:

Hi Hans-Willi,

sorry i thougt you are a German guy :slight_smile:

Yeah the BM are very good Speakers, the Bass range and the “bass Control” is superb.

I never heard the BM 35, it will be a great Speaker ! but not my Price Range :frowning:

My BM 12 are old but serviced all 5 Years, resolution and bass are fantastic.

there are more BM Fans here :


My humble listening room, subject to rearrangement soon! :slight_smile:

Roon Core on QNAP TS-470 Pro in basement
SOtM sMS-200 + Audiobyte Black Dragon or
Bluesound Vault (2TB)

Michell Orbe SE/SME V/Lyra Delos (and several others)
Tom Evans The Groove 20th Anniversary RIAA

Karan KA L MkIII pre
Karan KA S270 Power

Yamaha NS-1000M

Nordost, Jorma, Tellurium Q

Hifiman HE-400i
Hifiman HE-1000
Philips Fidelio X2
Denon AH-D2000

Shiit Jotunheim Phono
Little Dot MkIII
Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear clone+MiniDAC 24/96 built into old casette deck!


Stunning, truly exceptional. I would love to one day hear what a properly acoustically tuned room with fine speakers and electronics sounds like. In your case, the acoustic treatments enhance the look of the room, not usually the case when acoustic treatments are applied. Well done.

We just had that experience watching Wild Ponies in a 300 year old living room play live. 25 people with real instruments in real space. This is the sound all HI FI’s are trying to re create and it’s there to be had live!

I’m a lucky person.

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Can you provide any details on the diffusion? Is there also some on the back wall? Looks great!

Thanks a lot, John. It would have been possible to hide the acoustic treatments in my listening room completely, but my wife and I decided otherwise. The look of the room is deliberately “recording studio-like”. It’s in our basement - we wouldn’t want to have this kind of design in our living room. The way you’ve integrated your hifi system, home cinema and music/film archive into your home looks fantastic. Great job!

Absolutely right, that’s the perfect balance. Plenty of Live music and a great system to re live the occasion. I wouldn’t want people to miss out on this. Chris

Front wall and ceiling:

Rear wall and ceiling:

Side wall 1:

Side wall 2:

Acoustically speaking, the non-rectangular shape of the room has its advantages and disadvantages. There’s no such thing as the “perfect room”. The only perfect room would be no room at all - and that isn’t entirely true, either…:grinning:


I’d really love to have a dedicated listening room like that. Looks pretty cool. How thick are the acoustic walls with the absorbers hidden in them?

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Congratulations on a very nice set-up & room !

Please could you share any information you have regarding the wall absorbers - supplier / link etc - they’re very similar to something I’ve been looking at for a long time…

Thanks !

They’re about 18 inches thick nearly everywhere, except for the non-rectangular corners at the front wall. That’s where the bass traps are hidden. There the additional acoustic walls are about 28 inches thick.

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The absorbers and diffusers are all custom-made. Unfortunately, the company that planned, built and installed them doesn’t exist anymore, because their boss (and most competent acoustics engineer) died a couple of years ago. The company was called “wvier” (from Lemgo, Germany). They were involved in projects all over Europe. Among other things, they built the listening rooms for “Audionet” and “Marantz”. In my case, it took them three weeks (!) to install everything (with at least 4 people working 6 days a week from early morning until late in the evening). The only acoustic treatments you really see in my photos are the diffusers. The rest is hidden in the walls and ceiling. I could’ve bought similar diffusers from one of the many suppliers on the market. The reason I didn’t was that it would’ve been a lot more expensive. If you check out what the “usual suspects” charge you for a single diffusion panel, you can probably imagine what it would’ve cost me to buy about a eighty of them…


Wow!!! Congratulations on your MBL X-treme speakers.
Here’s a little anecdote (true story!) that you might find interesting…
About six years ago I had the chance to hear the X-treme speakers during an extended private listening session at the MBL showroom in Berlin, Germany. I really believe they’re among the finest loudspeakers in the world!!! In the MBL listening room, however, the bass sometimes seemed a little bloated and slow. The then sales manager told me this issue was definitely room-related and that he was terribly disappointed with the company responsible for the acoustic tuning of their showroom. He kept emphasizing how much money they’d spent on the improvement of the acoustics there. What he didn’t know was that I had hired the same company (“wvier” from Lemgo, Germany) the year before - for my own listening room (see my posts in this thread). So I knew why the acoustics in the MBL showroom weren’t entirely satisfactory at the time, because during the planning phase of my own project the “wvier” acoustics engineer had told me about half a dozen times how extremely frustrated he was by the fact that a top-notch Hifi manufacturer like MBL had insisted on what he considered an embarrassingly “cheap” and “low budget” solution…:joy:

To cut a long story short, a Stradivarius stays a Stradivarius no matter where you play it. It’s the same with your MBL speakers! However, the acoustics of your listening room always play an important role, too.

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