Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Hi Phil,

I think you’ll have your bridge before me, but the proof in the pudding will be over a few months and seeing how maintenance affects the experience.


Until you go electric…

What about the battery though?!

Short and sweet.



Getting somewhat off topic here, but mine arrived and is now installed. Not too difficult, would have been even easier had I read the manual first (that old one)

Obviously can’t comment on the maintenance side of things yet. On sound quality it’s marvelous though, a very significant upgrade from USB out of the RPi3. Very significant. Bigger sound stage, more detail, more realistic etc etc. Definitely good value for money


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2 x PC DIY
Fedora 26
Roon / Serveur / Bridge mode séparé
Double PC Fanless - Xeon / I3 / Batterie-IFI Power

Enceinte Concept : FH - Audax & Morel / Rike A. / Mundorf / Amtrans
Cable USB: Audiocadabra Optimus3 Ag / Regen



Nice! I do miss my Peachtree 220se and have heard so many great things about the Nova 300 !

Thats some very nice work! Are you saying the Bridge and Core are battery powered? Or is it the DAC that is?

The PC / XEON with Roon Server to its motherboard powered by slow discharge battery and its processor on an IFI power and the PC / I3 with Roon bridge to also its motherboard on slow discharge battery and its processor via a single power supply.
Both PCs are bridged with a second Ethernet card on the server PC.

The JOB INTegrated is a combo amplifier and DAC integrated, so no worries about connecting everything is compact and works very well and and 220 volt base so no batteries.


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Made a few changes. The DSP5200 and MiniDSP made friends with a Meridian MS200. Great little streamer, full IR/transport controls, comms integration with speakers (can turn the system on and off from Roon, direct volume control from Roon to the speakers):

Got a nice little headphone nook set up as well, to dabble a bit with MQA over the holidays.

I’m done. For the year. :slight_smile:


Good thing the years is almost over :wink:


I decided to give my ears a break from my fancy USB audio chain and dust off and setup my old networked TOSlink (:astonished:) endpoint…

It doesn’t sound that bad at all… quite nice actually :sunglasses:


Hi Phil,

Gear to hear you’re enjoying your new USBBridge! Not often are you going to find such a big increase in quality for so ‘little’ expense. Enjoy!

While I wait for my Elicit (and the NAIT is on its way to its new owner) I’ve swapped out my system for a NAD 3020i and a pair of Mordaunt Short MS20’s I had in the cupboard. Not the calibre of the Naim / Linn combo but at 1/10th of the outlay not bad and fun to play around with.

Nice system Rene!

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I added some old school VU meters to my rig…whoot!!!


New addition, Rega Elicit R arrived today. She’s a monster! I’ve also put the Pi+HifiBerry Digi+ back on the chain feeding the Pro-Ject S2 DAC via Coax. It’s much more refined than USB straight out of the NUC (as expected). I do lose DSD upsampling but have some upsampling via PCM (192khz) however I can’t say I notice a difference over straight flac from Tidal. Still torn between the Allo USBBridge or DigiOne (MQA over USB for the DAC or cheaper DigiOne and just upsample everything). With DSD upsampling my NUC5i5 can get to DSD128 with enough processing headroom.

Also added an Amazon Fire HD8 for Roon control, just need to figure out how to get it working in landscape mode. Final change that you won’t notice is new speakers. Another pair of black Kan II’s, however, these are the bi-wire version and were basically in brand new condition and couldn’t resist a drunken eBay bid :wink: . I am considering Isobariks now I have the power to drive them. Really need to save some money and have a house renovation to finish :slight_smile:


If you are having trouble with the res on the HD8, there is a discussion about that on the forum.

i’ve been looking at the elicit- one question about ergonomics: can you power it on/off via the remote?

Thanks Slim, I have found that. My issue is getting ADB and fastboot to work on my Mac due to Java versions installed. I believe I need Java 7 and haven’t found a download for it yet as it’s been retired.

Hi Woodford, no you cannot unfortunately. However don’t let that stop you, it’s a splendid amp.

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i heard the new brio, and liked it, but was put off by the glowing red power indicator.