Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Thanks @Flere.

yes, its a Raspberry Pi 4 in a Flirc case. it’s connected via USB to the Quad. I’m using the Quad for volume control, and there is no remote switching via roon.

the the quad supports, and the RPi will pass, PCM up to 384khz, as well as DSD 128. I’m also using an iFi iSilencer on the USB out, which is otherwise a little noisy.

i’m also using an iFi iPower supply.

If you like the iSilencer, you should check out the iDefender. When you connect a 5V iPower to it, the RPi4 is releaved of providing power to the DAC. This is good since the RPi4 was only designed to optimally provide 100mA over USB, and most DACs will want more. Even if the RPi4 can power a USB DAC, it’s unlikely that it will perform its best.


What a great painting on the wall. Can you share the name of the painter?

InnuOs Zen MK3 4TB hdd €2399,-
Questyle CMA Twelve Master dac/headphone amp €1999,-


Not sure what is meant by providing power to the day?

In any event, its an interesting idea, although one goal of this system is to minimize cables, to the extent possible.

Hmmmm…well USB connections carry both data and 5V DC power. If your DAC is powered by the USB bus, it is probably not going to sound its best when connected to a Raspberry Pi due to limited current.

I’m not suggesting to add more wires. Just replace the iFi Audio iSilencer3.0 that was mentioned a few posts up with the iDefender3.0 and add 5V power via iFi’s iPower adapter. When connected this way, the USB data signal passes through the iDefenfer, but the 5V DC power from the RPi is replaced by clean power from the iPower adapter.

Here’s an article I wrote that goes into a bit more detail, including quotes directly from the Raspberry Pi Foundation describing its power limitations.

We live in a converted farmhouse. The living room was originally the cattle stall, so it’s clearly sonically challenged. Nonetheless, for serious listening sessions, I can sit in my chair at the apex of the table with Roon on the tablet in front of me, and luxuriate in what my Quad ESLs and Quad Artera pre-amp/amp can produce.


Very tasteful Geoff.

Thank your other half :wink:

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Great job balancing the pots on top of the ESLs. :wink:


I’m a South African. Painting is by a fellow countryman Harry Erasmus.

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ah; the Quad is Amp/Dac in one, so powered by the amp, not by USB.

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Thanks. I’m from Poland :wink: I love this artist from my country:

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I worked on one of these barns way back in the late 80’s when I was a sparky. Would be funny if it was your place. It was somewhere east of Leiden.

Pim, we escaped from the Randstad 13 years ago, and came to live in the Achterhoek

Love those ESL’s. I had a pair in the 70’s. I hated the DIN connectors on the Quad amp though. My Mom almost kicked me out when I started setting them up in Family living room.

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I took the piega’s back to the dealer.
Last week he had a pair of paradigm persona 3f on demo, after an hour of listening i ordered a pair.They will probably arrive next week.

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I had Quad ESL 63 in my system recently, didn’t ask the wife’s permission and they lasted about 2 months.

Not sure I posted this before, but have a nice simple system with the Innuos Zen Mk3 using the direct ethernet route to a Devialet 250 Expert Pro. Devialet told me this would not work, but it does. The speakers are Harbeth SHL5plus 4th Anniversary.


The 57’s always looked special and still do, mind you, a second pair on top would be even better.

Wot, and block off the windows? I’d never get permission to do that. :grinning:

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I believe Mr SME Alastair Robertson-Aikman had stacks behind the curtain, reputedly he had 16 in an arc one point.