Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Those are heos controlled power amplifiers for multi-room listening. Similar to Sonos but created by denon.

I always come back to this thread for looking at people’s setups in the hope that one day Roon supports heos and I can upload my setup!

Love the diversity of the systems in here

Thank you. I hadn’t heard of these before.

My little setup

Core 2012 Mac Mini
Dali Fazon F5’s
Hegel H20 Power Amp
Hegel P20 Pre Amp
Hegel HD30 Dac
Allo digi one Player

Iq Audio Pi Dac Pro
Vali 2 Headphone Amp / Hifiman Sundara


Hi Gordon, You are making the most of 2 of the most underrated Brands - Allo and Hegel. Nice…

Hi Philip, Very interesting set-up. I see you use a PS Audio Directstream DAC (I have this also) and the Matrix X SPDIF 2. I have been looking for good Digital interfaces, how do you rate the Matrix X 2 and have you tried any other DI’s. Thank you. Regards, Derek

  1. Those are HEOS Drives for my whole house audio. Each box does 4 hi fi zones with a sub out for each zone and they sound incredible. Much better then Sonos, Auralic Aries Mini, and 2-3 others I tried before landing on these.

  2. For the Nucleus question, it’s ease of use, immediate response to volume control, switching music, fast reading about a band of a track, and it seems to detect new music a lot better and faster and easier (all of which wasn’t the case for me when I used my computer as a core). My audio guy who set up my room and sound-proofed it had kept complaining of a new brightness (in a bad way) in the music which I also sensed and that he couldn’t get rid of, even with familiar tracks when I switched out from my Auralic’s native app and went with Roon off of my iMac. I can’t say for certain whether it’s the Nucleus making it better, and I won’t say there’s isn’t a placebo effect of thinking you hear something better after spending 1400 dollars on a dedicated Roon core, but the bad brightness is gone, and the dynamic quality is back. And the guy who set up my system noticed it right away before I mentioned changing anything (we host a small nerdy listening group once ever 4-6 weeks at different houses to listen and talk about music and sound systems with other people).

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Love it. I have a Hegel H300 Integrated Amplifier and the HD25 DAC in my home office powering Kef LS50s which I use for Vinyl and some streaming when I’m working and love them. On top of the sound, I get so many questions from people about Hegel just because of it’s clean, simple look.

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I love HEOS. I have never had a single problem ever with these drives, or with the HEOS speakers or HEOS compatible receivers I’ve bought or gifted to people, and the sound is superior to any other whole house audio I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot). What kind of setup do you have?

Thank you for such a comprehensive response.

I can’t imagine why using the Nucleus as a Roon core (as opposed to end-point) results in better sound, but I’m not doubting what you hear.

  1. the 8C will auto switch to ethernet when playing over that input. Then jump back to XLR after a little while if you stop the music.

  2. I am usiing it for netflix, hbo and bluray everyday. No lipsync problem at all :slight_smile:

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totally agree… you can listen to music for many many hours with these speakers…
have you calibrated them ? :slight_smile:

Brilliant! Thanks so much for this info!

They were room matched on installation using a microphone with laptop attached software to determine the frequency response from where they are situated Then using the controls available with the 8c web software the frequency response was modified, rechecked with the microphone set to even out the room response as far as possible. Then listened to by ears! The calibration took the best part of an hour.
This seemed to be effective - the result was satisfying indeed! My understanding is that this procedure is part of the sale of the 8c.
I’ve had my pair for 18 months approx. and am very happy I bought them - my bank manager may view it differently!

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Very nice set up I’m sure you appreciate your set-up and music.I use an Audioengine D2 wifi wireless set-up one sender plugged into the I-mac(ROON core I-Mac)and one receiver that I plugin into my NAD C388. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised with the NAD.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy great music. Although, I think I will add a Nucleus. I get 24/96 out of the Bose and 24/192 out of the Oppo and headphones. I’ll probably add a pair of speakers for 24/192 out of the Oppo someday. I would already except my wife hates speakers.

EDIT: I think I have changed my mind on the Nucleus. I see no reason to get one for my situation. I probably won’t get speakers either. My setup is great as is.


My new speakers, Paradigm Persona 3F in aria blue metallic finish.


My new bedroom alarm clock:

  • RPi3+
  • Allo Boss DAC
  • SMSL SA-98E 160W*2 Big Power HIFI Digital Amplifier
  • Dali Opticon 8 speakers
  • Roon Alarm Clock v0.7.4 extension

Speakers are not ideally positioned, but this is the only solution in the room. The result is satifying to my ears. Also visible is the WatchGuard AP 125 PoE access point. Controls are a Galaxy Note 8 smartphone and a Galaxy A6 tablet.


Are those cabinets movable?

Good call on the Gato DIA-400S (if I’m correct)

In principle yes but I cannot move them in front of the windows, so practically I cannot move them.
The only alternative is to move the right cabinet against the left one but that would position the speakers too far apart.