Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Good negotiation on your side :sunglasses: :+1:

It wasn’t all my side there’s a nothing pre 1970 ban as well , hence the headphones :shushing_face:

New speakers, Dynaudio Evoke 10 :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting. May I as you how you like them, what your amp is and how big your room? I am also interested in these speakers, but have not taken the time to listen to them. Many dealers in my city have switched from Dynaudio to Dali, or have never carried Dynaudio before.
ATM I have very old Audience 40, which are small and old…
Enjoy your music.

PS i was responding to Antonio.

hello room in 3x4 meters and the amplifier is Rega Elex r that offers 72.5 watts at 8 ohm. Evoke also replaces dynaudio Emit m10 and the change is impressive for me. They are much more musical and sweet but without losing details. My room is a bit bright and these sound much more balanced. Low are fast and tight, they don’t work well near the back wall. Very happy with these will last many years with me. sorry for the Google translation


I have a similar sized room. Will definitely try the evoke. Thank you.

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Here’s an interesting place to start :- Auralex Acoustics

or alternatively from Roon community:- Room analysis with REW which has a wealth of information.

…and your set up looks as good as I’m sure it sounds!!!

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Just finished the upgrade of speakers, DAC and amplifier. Really pleased, but why do I prefer optical audio up to 192 khz over USB. Your thoughts would be appreciated😁

Naim Nap 200 DR
Chord Hugo TT
PMC Twenty 24’s
Mac Mini (Roon Core)
Chord RCA-4 Pin DIN

Audioquest Carbon Optical
Witch Hat N2 Speaker Cable


Chord’s designer also prefers optical as he reckons its smoother? Depends on the DAC doesn’t it, unfortunately I can’t get my Auralic Mini to output anything over 96Khz on Toslink even though it says it does - I just get silence - I have a Mojo and I’d like to try it to see!

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I think toslink generally is a gamble over 96.


I’ve been using toslink on my old Chord Hugo without any issues at 192khz. It just sounds smoother as Tim suggests😁

It is smoother than USB on these DACS😁

Imho, 192 on Toslink sounds very clean in my vocabulary. However, usingToslink at 192 it is very much a “give it a go and see if it works”.


It shouldn’t be, either the manufacturer says it will or it won’t work. If they say it will, it invariably does.


Oh I agree, but, I have talked to several manufacturer tech depts, and while their product can do 192, they do not advertise as such, sticking to 96 as the maximum in their marketing and specifications literature.

Bluesound told me I would only get 96 using optical.

Beautiful finish on those speakers @Mark_Johnson

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Nice. I don’t allow my wife to put any trinkets on the TV furniture. I don’t want any distractions.


Sharp setup. Nice trinkets too! :sunglasses:


Surround receiver Marantz SR 8012 (11.2 channel) bi-amping the B&W 804 D3 speakers as main speakers.
Surround speakers: B&W HTM7 1 S2 center & CCM Cinema 7 ceiling mounted. no Subwoofer)
Second zone to the kitchen with ceiling mounted speakers on the receiver.
Multizone (Bedroom, garden,…) with 2 Bluesound Pulse flex players and 1 Pulse mini player.
Bluesound Node (with Wireworld Starlight 8 ethernet cable).
I use the DAC of the Bluesound.
Oppo UDP-203 BluRay player
Pro-ject Esprit phono player, Apple TV and digital TV (Telenet)
Roon server on iMac
Qnap NAS holding the music files, and is situated near the cable modem.
Qobuz streaming service.
remote control Logitech Harmony elite.

Now checking out possible upgrades, first one I’m thinking of is ROCK on a nuc.
Another one is a better switch just before the streamer. (Bonn N8?)