Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Very nice setup, do you enjoy your amp and speaker comno?

I have the 803 D3 with Bryston 4B 3 amp, and with some great acoustic treatment it is truly an engaging system!


Johannes, Sweden

Hi Mike - you seem to have my next planned upgrade! Devialet & B&W seem to play nicely together (I’m currently running B&W CM10 S2’s paired with a Devialet 200). I’m assuming it sounds great? Please help with talking me into thinking I can afford it…

Thank you! Devialet and B&W match very well, if you’re after an extremely honest reproduction.

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For sure!

We have a nice coffee maker, and of all our kitchen gadgets, it’s the only one that’s used multiple times daily. Therefore, the cost per cup is actually quite reasonable over the machines lifetime - and we always enjoy great coffee :wink:


1st world problems maybe…

There is nothing quite like the smell and taste of freshly made Coffee (espresso/latte for us) at home, freshly baked bread too if you have the time - coffee is much faster. I have maybe US$5k invested in my coffee gear, over the years and dont regret it one iota.

Next best thing is during your day having music you enjoy. I’ve spent many hours and a good amount more $ on audio gear over the years too.

I think there are those who buy gear to listen to music and those who buy music to listen to gear…but I like think there is room to yoyo about in the middle 60-40% but for the most part I just enjoy what I have now in both camps…streaming has kind of killed the buy music in terms of physical media, but also allows us much more freedom to listen where and whenever we want (mobile devices needed)


I like your approach, that could just work…

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Though on a more modest budget we do have caffetiers, Moka stove top, Greek Briki etc. And of course being British a selection of tea pots…
On a winter’s day, a hot drink and music is a great weekend starter.

I like the combo, sounds very fluid and very effortless.
Even when i push it hard, there’s no sign of stress.
It is not a heavy metal system though, I listen to all kinds of music, ranging from classical to metal, and the latter also sounds very civilised.
Maybe later i’ll check some other power amps for the main speakers, but i’ve noticed that it will cost me :frowning:

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Great system!
Just curious: what motor + power supply does your Gyrodeck have?

I went from instant to cafetiere, pressure pump then Bean to Cup machine, the latter has been a wonderful servant, more time listening to music & drinking coffee (4000 cups made in 3 years)… :flushed:

Standard DC motor and powersupply

On a Winter’s day, I might not get past the hot drink and music!

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My hifi is a comfy chair, pair of HD800, a Jura coffee machine

Makes drinking too much coffee so simple …

We should have a thread , best non Audio accessories…


Which headphone amp(s) do you pair the HD800 with? I’ve really moved off speakers and am listening with cans these days…

I like coffee too, but its 1am here in Cali…

I am using an Audiolab M-DAC , fed from a RPi And Digione, drives them fine.

I also occasionally use an Audioquest Dragonfly Red via my iPad also works fine

These days I don’t have a formal hi fi set up just phones and a Samsung HW950 soundbar and odd Bluetooth speakers, Beolab A1 & Bose mini

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Go on, start the thread, you know you want to :slight_smile:

Nice setup. I read so many posts here on components that I’m not familiar with. I can relate your system with mine, Denon 8500H receiver, OPPO 205 player, B&W main speakers (Front left, right, center and rears) SVS surround and height speakers, JL Audio subs, and NUC8I7BEH/Rock/Tidal/Qobuz via HDMI to the receiver. I haven’t tried bi-amping. The subs are a combined 3000 watts and that is more than enough for me. I spent years acquiring the components but the kicker was finding Roon for easy access to my library and a seemingly endless variety of new music to enjoy. Welcome to the community.

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What about WAF ?

Thanks Mike,
I’ve used the bi-amping to gain more control in the bass of the B&W speakers. I only use a 5.0 main system and one extra zone, so now the 9 discrete amps in the receiver are put to use.
I didn’t need the extra sub power. I’m more a music listener then a block buster movie watcher at home. You’re system isn’t bad either, nice Roon ROCK nuc i see, i was planning for the same.

I listen to music mostly and quite often I have the system playing all day with multiple zones throughout the house. I’m retired, my wife has 1.5 years to go before she retires, so I’m the housekeeper and like to have the music playing while I’m at it. Our living room is roughly 25 by 18 and the subs, one in front and the other in the back, provide a nice even blend when there is bass in the music. But yes movies with deep bass can get things moving. I had one low end sub originally, it was not musical bass, didn’t sound good, and it boomed at times announcing its location. The ones I have now are musically orientated and play only what was intended to be heard. I’m sure your B&W speakers do a magical job with bass. Mine are at the lower end and don’t have the stuff yours do. They needed a little help. I really like your built in implementation. Enjoy.