Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Hi Mike.

Nice setup!
I would start with a measurement of your listening room. Of course by a pro!
And then you now wat to do. Absorbers Diffusers or both. Not the easiest way, but the best!

Ciao from the Netherlands, Huite

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Hi Vince,

The step from a B&W CM10 S2 to a B&W Diamond is a huge step but worth every Euro/Dollar or whatever!

Ciao, Huite

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Here’s mine:

  • Unison Research S9 singled ended tube amp
  • RME Adi-2 dac
  • Focal Sopra speakers
  • Innuos Zen Mini as Roon server and player (hidden under the TV lowboard)
  • Isotek Aquarius Evo 3 netflter

Really enjoying this!



Wonderful photos of a killer system @brt . I have not seen that amp before.

I’m a fellow Focal fan and owner. :fist_left:

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I’ve made a few changes to the system since I last shared.

The most significant change is the addition of Focal Scala Utopia Evos.


@Chris_Kimmelshue: lovely system. How did you choose the placement of those absorption panels? They look like they might be first-reflection points, but I’m not sure. Also, have you placed panels on your cathedral ceiling? I’m about to experiment with that.

Seeing these makes me miss my valves system. I’m very jealous, then I remembered the electricity bill.
You are both very lucky though.


Thank you for the compliment, @Antonio_Bendezu.

These particular panels are suited to the upper frequencies, so I placed them in the first reflection points (there are four more not in the photo on the side walls). I detected an appreciable difference with these.

I have not experimented with putting more panels on the ceiling. I might yet.

If you decide to hang the panels flush with the ceiling, I found the perfect solution: T-headed screws used by hotels to mount paintings so that they cannot be removed easily.

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Thanks Chris. You don’t have much to complain though, seeing your photo :wink: Lovely!

The Unison Research tube amp sounds amazing, better than a Devialet for example.

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Thanks Bart. I complemented your system as I like valves. I rather like my devialet too and I had aesthetix and EAR before to compare it to. I think this hobby allows everyone to chose what suits their own ears.

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Should I separate the speakers for better soundstage?

(Sorry, I just had to.)


That cpu should be fine for DSD512 upsampling but yeah try to get a few more cm’s in between the speakers by toeing them out a bit. Install roon on the floppy for easy backups


You’re absolutely right Gary! I should say that I liked the sound of the tubes more than the Devialet in my system and to my taste. The Devialet is absolutely a very nice sounding amp! I could live perfectly with it, if I couldn’t have the S9 anymore. Would be better for the energy bill as well :sweat_smile:

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I love valves. I would like two systems and a share in an electricity company!

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:smile: :smile:

I agree also try some IsoAcoustic vibration pucks to help tighten up the base.:rofl:

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New setup:
Kef LS50 Wireless
Arendal Sub1
SOtM SMS 200
ifi power supply
HAF room correction

Next things to change are: cables, and SOtM


Are there valves in that monitor :shushing_face:


Love this. Beautiful setup ! Beautiful room . Lovely interior . Everything is perfectly balanced.
La classe mate !

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