Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Everything is perception and in fact Roon itself is built on perception! :slight_smile:


Actually I think it’s .NET


how do you rate the Denafrips Wilfred?

Well now that I have my ROCK install working properly I guess it’s time to show it off.

ROCK installation is running in a NUC7i5BNH with a 120 gig SanDisk m.2 SATA SSD and a pair of 4 gig RAM sticks. Playing through a Peachtree nova 220SE via a Wireworld USB cable. The Peachtree feeds a pair of KEF LS50s with a KEF sub.

Play throughout the rest of the house is almost all Sonos zones with a couple AirPlay nodes around. Control through Macs and iOS devices. Truly a worthwhile investment. The whole setup is pieced together over the last five years since I retired from the Air Force and quit moving every couple years.


LEGO room? Are you sure you have enough endpoints :upside_down_face:? Me jealous…but enjoy!


I have a LOT of kids. And they have a LOT of Lego.



I like it. alot.

I was using a Gustard X20 Pro prior to the Denafrips and the Gustard had a digital sheen on files that while upon initial listening impressed, started to grate on me after awhile. It was fatiguing.

The Pontus is alot meatier sounding in this aspect, it fleshes out the midrange and has a more intimate sound. The bass goes lower as well.

I guess what i’m trying to say, and excuse me if it is a cliche, is that the Pontus sounds alot less digital than the Gustard ( i wont go as far to say that it sounds like vinyl ), but i can listen longer on the Pontus without getting tired of the music.

Sounds good Wilfred

Increasingly I find myself allergic to harsh sounding DACs I will try a Denafrips

Sorry to stray off topic mind !!

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  • Intel NUC7i5 in a Askasa case (just finished) for ROON Rock

  • Kii Control

  • Kii Three active speakers

  • SOtM sms 200 and LAB 12 Gordian Power Conditioner (under the couch)


Update of my setup. I have now built a pair of DIY floorstanders. One of the spare speaker stands is now used as a tablet holder. Surely a well-deserved place for the Roon remote. Speaker upgrade pays off regarding sound quality, too. Couldn’t be happier at the moment.


My setup:

Core: Mac 2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB memory, 1TB Fusion Drive
Storage: QNAP TS-469L, 3TB Drives in Raid 5
Control: Samsung Galaxy View
Endpoint: PS Audio DirectStream Jr. DAC


@Bryan_Stewart that nixie clock is the ducks nuts😎


Love the Maggies, 1.7 I assume…:ok_hand:

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You are correct. Mag 1.7i

LOL. I have had the clock for maybe 5 years or more. Found it on ebay.

Ever see how many endpoints you could feed at once?

I guess I need to try. For science.


April, 2015. I’ve got a pair of speakers that a guy in the Netherlands built for me 25 years ago. Showing their age, as am I, but my son and his friends and their children still tell me that they’ve never heard anything better. The speakers, of course, not me:-). Keep them well.


That box of tissues is awesome!!! :joy:
No just kidding, very nice setup. One to be jealous off.

Hehe, that sounds like a pure audiophile: don’t move the speakers, move the walls :slight_smile: