Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

This sounds very great. And that also your children do enjoy them is even better.
Are they purely DIY (well, made by the man you mentioned?)? Or are they made by
a company from the Netherlands, owned by this guy?
If so, might you provide additional information?

So, yes. It can play a unique stream to a stupid number of multiple zones. That’s 15 for those of you counting at home in a mix of Somos, AirPlay, and direct USB. One of those streams was Tidal, all the rest were streaming off my NAS. So both the Sonos mesh net and the i5 NUC are pretty robust.


Amazing, thanks for the experiment. There must have been smoke coming off that i5. Wonder what the processing speed sank to.

Haha! That’s science for sure! :slight_smile:
Seriously though, amazing that it works this well!

IIRC anything over 100X is not displayed … so I wonder if anything was displayed at all…maybe not unless there is some DSP activity going on there too.

Nice experiment, Which of the Sonos speaker would be a good entry to their use? I have been thinking about getting one or two of them. I have KEF LS50W for the main listening room so these would be bedroom/garage/patio use.

It kind of depends on what you want. The Play:1 is simple, cheap, and sounds “good enough”. The Play:3 is getting long in the tooth, so i wouldn’t start there. The Play:5 is new, expensive, and sounds best. The Connect and the connect:amplifier add it to an existing system or are a standalone for passive speakers respectively but are a bit pricey. I have the amp one driving permanent outdoor speakers on my deck; that was one of the first wiring tasks I did when we moved here so the amp can live inside and the speakers outside.

Check Craigslist. That’s how I have so many. You can usually get a Play:1 for under $150 there.

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Just put Roon under WIN10 running on a dual Xeon motherboard (E5620 cpus running 2.4 G (8 cores)) with 16 G of memory.

Bought used, in a 1U server case, on EBay for $160, shipped.

One drawback is, with 8 fans running full blast, it sounds like a WWII bomber on takeoff. I put it in the cellar.

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Yep, my room cores have always been elsewhere. Allows you to build a big fast computer for cheap and not worry about the sound.

My bits and doings . . . NAS storage and UPS elsewhere


Nice clean setup, I showed my wife your first pic … she’s a crazy cat lady and especially likes black cats.

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Thank you!

He is a rescue cat, was found hanging on a fence - presumed dead.

We have nursed him back to health and now he enjoys doing nothing but lie in the sun and getting stroked - can’t blame him really!

It’s left him with some skin problems on his face, but he is as gentle as a lamb and a real sweetie!



The subwoofer is his or her place for a beauty sleep I presume…:joy:

Yes, he loves to sit on it . . . until I play Kraftwerk ‘Electrocardiogram’ and it shakes like there is an earthquake!


Poor kitty. Try this instead:

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Beautiful cat :sunglasses:

Devialet D200
Goldenear Triton One
Intel NUC i5 fanless case alu

Really nice job Claire.

I’m curious re. the Pi Zero/JustBoom combo - as I understand it Roon Bridge doesn’t run on arm6 - so how did you get them to show up in Roon as endpoints?

Using Squeezebox compatibility mode and installing SqueezeLite on the Zero.

Great photos and great minimalist system. An even greater job with rescuing the cat.

My eyes are failing me - what are those speakers/monitors?