Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

My dog used to howl when my brother played Britney Spears. He very much liked Beniamino Gigli singing arie antiche though.

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My cat used to hide under the couch when I played T. Waits.

Check this thread for a better way to fix room correction (with optional crosstalk reduction), that equipment deserve it: Roon & Home Audio Fidelity (Room Correction / convolution filter creation)

Thanks , Magnus , I’ll give it a try . I’ve used a number of software/hardware -based room correction systems . The only full-spectrum solution I really liked was from Tact Audio which incorporated room correction in their preamp . It was cumbersome , time-consuming and required connection to a fairly robust computer to work effectively but , at least for me , did the job .

DSpeaker was recommended to me by MBL and it corrected a bass problem that I couldn’t fix with crossover adjustments .

New Innuos Zenith SE Music Server Installed.

24hrs in and it sounds fantastic feeding a SONORE microRend 1.4 (+ LPS-1) and Chord Hugo TT


@Paul_Barrow Nice setup, can I ask why you have chosen to go from the Innuos Zenith SE to a microrendu then Hugo TT, did you try the Zenith SE direct to the Hugo TT?


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Thanks Russ,

The Innuos has replaced an iMac with which I was using the microRendu, so I’ve set it up in the same way. I briefly tried the direct USB connection but only with a cheap USB cable, and I couldn’t really hear much if any difference.

Once the Innuos has had a chance to burn in I’ll give it another try. I’m hoping to borrow a decent USB cable.


I have heard the Zenith SE, I think you will be very impressed with it and be able to release your microrendu for a new zone :smirk: Are you using the Zenith for storage, if so did you have an SSD fitted as opposed to a hard drive.

Well it’s sounding great already so i’m looking forward to hearing what it can do with direct USB. Cutting out boxes, cables and PSU’s would be great as I prefer simple.

I’m looking for recommendations on USB cables? I was thinking of Curious as I’ve seen some very positive comments.

Yes my library is on the Zenith and the SE comes with SSD anyway.

I had a small software issue this morning and emailed Innuos support at 6:45am and had a response shortly after. By 9am Nuno from Innuos (Owner and Director) had connected on a remote session and sorted it out. Brilliant service and on a Saturday!!

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I have met Nuno and am not at all surprised by his excellent attitude he is a genuinely nice person, as for cables I use a Tellurium Q Silver usb cable and am very pleased with the results, I also have a curious usb but preferred the Tellurium Q.

I have no vested interest with Tellurium Q


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Storage on Synology DS918+ in a closet. Next to other equipment, Roon core on Intel NUC7I3BNK in a fanless Akasa Newton chassis. From NUC straight to DAC (Classe Sigma SSP) via the asynchronous USB input. Poweramps old Anthem MCA’s, speakers Dynaudio Contour (old aswell).


Finally, after years with my Living Voice, replaced with pair of little aliens.


Magico Q5, ARC Ref 610T, Ref 5SE pre, Ref 2 phono, SME 20/12, Playback Designs MPS-5, Mac Mini running Roon, 2xUSB drives. Nordost and Transparent cabling


Very nice.
What do you do for power for those ARCs?

The whole hifi is on a separate power line from the rest of the house - doesn’t go through the fuze box either. No filtering for the ARCs, only Valhalla power cables on them (does make a difference!)

Living Roon, I see what you did there :slight_smile:

Just purchased an iPad stand, very pleased with it, pictures below.
I have no connection with the company but if you are curious here is a link to the Yohann website


Serious setup…:heart:️:+1:. Which cartridge do you use in your record player ?

Koetsu Coralstone Platinum

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How do you address electrical safety?