Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03]

Yes, 2 power supplies (the one to the USB board should be the better one) will improve the sound, but you have to lift a jumper to do that, nr 29 I think. But still, strange that it didn’t improve the sound, in my case with a normal desktop Windows PC it was a big improvement to go through Allo USBridge instead of USB direct from computer. Maybe Mac Mini is electronically quiet.

The MacMini headless was my favorite streamer for a very long time, and still performs very, very good as a Roon Bridge. I haven’t put them ( I have two) up against either the USBridge or my Aries G1, but I’m convinced they will not be put to shame.

How are you liking your Vega G2? I just got the last original one they had on sale $1,899. I heard that it is best to pair your V-G2 with a Leo.

Helftone’s Monodraw is also great if you’re partial to a desktop app.

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I own a Vega G2. I don’t own a Leo. Leo is an expensive add-on that you will never hear the difference in except for your own confirmation bias after dropping a huge wad on it. The Vega G2 sounds very good on its own already. (I have only ever used my Vega G2 as a Roon endpoint; I don’t own any Apple devices to test their LightningDS stuff with, nor do I have any desire to since Roon is what I have settled on for my music management needs.)

The Vega G2 is a fantastic sounding device. Had the possibility to test it for 2 weeks and also compare it to my existing Auralic Altair and a G1 Vega. The G2 is a huge step. I also only use it as roon endpoint.


PS Audio PowerPlant
Roon Core @ Nucleus+ with internal 4TB SSD
LINN Akkurate DSM
2 x Electrocompaniet NEMO
Kimber LSP Cable
2 x KEF Blade


Crimson gosh a blast from the past.


Just got them refurbished from Crimson sounding better then ever.

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Cool textured wall. What is it?

Is the clear case a hacked up version of the DIY VIM chassis?

Is one of the blades further away from the wall than the other? Looks like the one on the right is considerably further forward. How do you find the blades and how do they compare to what you had before?

Just checked , same o same o

I upgraded from B&W 803 Diamond using the Nemo because KEF had a showcase with this combination and my dealer had them available .
Just a very good couple

The 803 are now powered with a Linn Klimax Stereo Amp, which sounds really good .

yes. 10 char

Ok so you are giving your option based on your own preconceived idea about the Leo? The price is relative. I can not afford it either but according to those who have heard the Vega G2 paired with the Leo, it is a big difference. A fancy streamer is not so important apparently in Roon as Roon does what ever it does before the file hits the streamer and then goes to the DAC which takes over from there. The Leo apparently improves the DAC sound quality (for a heavy price)

And I say bollocks. The clock in the Vega G2 is already very good. The infinitesimal difference to the clock from the Leo is not audible. It’s all confirmation bias by those that forked out the money for the Leo. You don’t see any blind listening tests where people can pick out the Leo vs. non-Leo…


I know it’s not the topic of this thread, but I’m really liking the debunking of myths and convenient fictions here. Great stuff, I hope we’ll see more of this and get some sanity back into this space.


hugo m-scaler + hugo 2 + oppo pm1=headphone bliss. see pictures below. thanks. arguably one of the best headphone rigs in the world or should i say probably?