Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2021-04]

Been playing with speaker/sub placement a lot more lately, as well as crossover and gain settings on the subs. The speakers front baffles are now just over 6 feet from the front wall, the subs are about an additional 8 inches further out than in these pictures. Tweaking width spacing and toe in about 1/4 inch intervals, this system is finally creating an extremely realistic, holographic sound stage with great depth, width and pretty decent height. With the right recordings, the speakers completely disappear as well as the subs.

I’m really enjoying the system in this new, larger room/house.


That one is through to the keeper. No idea how to respond.

Don’t need to respond. It was a joke. The ask was about the setup and a response was about a poem about bicycle riding. It just struck me as funny and non sequential.

What does this mean? I don’t get the idiom.

Have to go to the 3rd umpire for this one…

3rd umpire says… different Peter replied with the poem :grinning:


Thanks for the catch. I changed the post to reflect your observation. :+1:

(I may be too old for this)


Seems like your feline visitor like the Stereo position where he is! Nice that he/she appreciates this spot! :wink:


No worries! I missed it initially too

“Through to the keeper” and “3rd umpire” are cricket references.

I guesstimate about 15% of people in this thread would get :grinning:



Been enjoying my clear audio level two for decades. Happy listening to you and yours.

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Quite a system. Like Helmut, I’m not jealous at all. :wink:


It means I don’t understand the comment. I did not post the the poem about bicycle riding (nor do I understand its relevance). cheers.

Just to stop the confusion about the Dutch response I got from PeterD. My nickname fietser means cyclist. He answerd on my reaction with a piece of a dutch song. In English meaning: How strong is a lonely cyclist. Didn’t get the connection to my response either.

Love the humble setup by peter_treyde

Really sorry I started this ■■■■ storm. :grimacing:



You have won this thread. Absolutely stunning.

It is a beautiful system I agree and also am jealous. I would point out that I get just as much pleasure out of seeing a vintage 60s or 70s vinyl system with barn door speakers and a valve or Japanese super integrated.


Thanks, I hadn’t thought of this as a competition. I love seeing everyone’s systems on this thread. My experience with my audiophile friends is that each person puts their system together with a lot of thought and attention to detail, I have rarely, if ever, heard a hifi system put together by an audiophile that didn’t sound great. After that its just personal preference.


I agree, I started my “journey” in the mid 1970’s, I haven’t heard an audiophile system that I have not enjoyed listening to. They all sound different.


I also enjoy seeing the many posts and attachments here and reading backgrounds. I am still very reluctant to assess whether I have a benefit from high investment. I just suspect that my old ears will not hear it. This can also be a purely subjective view, which any good acoustician will be able to refute. Being open to other experiences brings insight.


Sounding good to you is all that matters and if you ever feel the need to improve I find a large glass of something does just that!


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