Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2021-04]

Nice. I go way back with LS50’s.

I owned passive LS50’s when they first came out. I had an SVS sub under the desk driven, all connected to a Peachtree Nova 220se integrated. Back then I blended everything by ear and loved it but there’s better ways to integrate multiple boxes these days. As you say KEF do a good job with LS50W2s.

I’m getting a pair of passive LS50s again and will by-pass their internal passive crossover and will do software DSP crossover with sub under the desk again. But done better this time.

With advanced DSP (Audiolense XO) will be a fun exercise to see how close I can get both measured and subjective performance to my Genelec 8341’s at my desk…

Should be fun… :crazy_face:




Got rid of my older HTPC and upgraded to a M1 Mac Mini for roon core and new HTPC. Mac Mini M1, 8GB, 256GB. Cambridge 851N. Emotiva A300. Furman PF15i Elite. Focal Chora 826. Still trying to get roon on this new Apple OS to recognize my Synology NAS music library for some reason I can’t add it as a source I get an “unauthorized” message even though the credentials are right.


Fixed the NAS access I changed the NAS user name to include no spaces and the password to contain no special characters. After this it worked.


looks great René; what is the small disc in the lower right corner?

also, IIRC, you’ve switched to a macbook from an iPad pro?

That’s a Surface Dial for controlling Roon with @DrCWO’s RooDial extension. While it is a controller for Roon, it controls the volume on the LSX’s when other sources are playing as well. :slight_smile:

My employer issued a round of new MacBooks, so I’m M1 MBP at the moment. Still on the fence about the beast that is the new iPad Pro (16GB/2TB anyone?) – but the dichotomy between hard- and software is holding me back. Maybe iPadOS 15 will offer a few surprises to pull me back in again… :wink:


Hi there,
I’ve been following this thread for one year now; I’m very impressed with all the great setups and beautiful systems and their environments!

Living room:

  • Pair of custom built Duetta Top ADW speakers (on hidden Hypex FA122 amps)
  • Pair of custom built Ripol subwoofers (on hidden Hypex FA502 amp)
  • Preamp and streaming bridge Trinnov Amethyst
  • Customized Pro-Ject Debut 3 / Ortofon 2M red
  • Roon Rock on NUC Intel i5

For more traditional content, we often use our Rock-Ola Capri II (for example for Saturday morning cleaning session =D)


  • Custom built stereo speaker with integrated Hifi-Berry streaming amp


Nice to see Trinnov equipment in that thread. I just got a ST2-Hifi since a few days and I know already it will change my approach to HiFi. It is a definite paradigm change.

I will have passive correction installed in July in my stereo listening room.

I will detail my system then more after that.

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Just “updated” my PC room system, nice little fleawatt tube amp with just my Chromecast Audio puck as a source as it only has a single analog input. I may add a passive switch if I feel the need to add the Nak cassette deck back into the mix.
The Chromecast works flawlessly as it should as it sits only about 4 feet from the router…lol and it streams up to 24/96 which is more than adequate for this rig.


What makes the Amethyst most valuable in my case is the flawless bass management, as a part of the room calibration.
Unfortunately, my possibilities are limited in regards to passive correction, so I’m looking very forward to more details about your system then.
Have fun with your ST2-Hifi!


Who makes that cute little amp?

APPJ Mini 2013
No idea if still made, I bought used from fleabay

There’s another project I’m currently in. It’s based on the DIY-kit Jazz 37. My goal was to combine a, let’s call it semi-active, and passive speaker within one. Well aware that it’s not the “audiophile” way, but I like tinkering and building things :slightly_smiling_face:. The Jazz 37 can be powered by an external amp connected to the terminals or by an integrated, roon ready Hifiberry AMP2 (speakers connected through XLR-wires). Both Hifiberry Amp2 and terminals are then connected to a switch, which connects one or the other to the passive crossover. Only issue currently is that there’s no room yet to use these speakers :laughing:.

Once finished and a location is found, I’ll get into REW room correction and its implementation into Roon, as described here: A guide how to do room correction and use it in Roon

Will get back with more details and experiences made then.


My main setup:

My office setup:


Beautiful speakers and subs! I’d love to hear a bit more about those Ripole subs. I’ve been thinking of building a pair myself.


Is that a ‘29 Roadster on ‘32 frame on your shelf there? I have a bit of an eye for old car stuff as my Dad use to restore Hot Rods for his customers. Looks like maybe a smaller #cale 34 Ford coupe next to it?

Sweet office system!

Great eyes Larry!
I think it is a 34 Ford but the hot rod is unknown, picked both up at fleamarkets, yes I spend too much time at those as well, can still be a great source for vinyl although just about everybody now thinks their old beat up scratched junk records are worth a fortune!

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Amazing set up Max. I still think the Reel to Reel is a most stunning peace of Hi-Fi.


I see 3 Reel to Reel decks, one of which looks familiar to me.
The Technics RS-1506. I still have mine from 1978 … :sunglasses:


i love all of this, and particularly the two pioneer R2R, which look pristine. The RT707 was the sexiest piece of hifi gear i’ve ever owned.