Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2021-04]

It’s maybe not just about enjoying such a system as long as possible, which I hope he still can. But also the process to realise this utopia of sound will have been worth it.

I only struggle to get along with his interior decoration style. But that’s just me being weird. Kudos to this guy.

OK guys… Last one, I promise. :wink: One more block of oak for the sub. Happy with how it looks, happy with how it sounds. Es ist vollbracht.



Oh C’mon…I got a RadioShack Transistor radio that’ll smoke that system! :flushed:

What a system…what a room!! Just the wall construction blows me away… 16 15" Woofers??? OMG!

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I think it has a very good chance of literally"blowing you away"
Just think how much air those woofers can physically move!! :wind_face:

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Herb Reichert just did a review in stereophile :yum:

KC62 by Herb

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Not trying to hijack this thread…but any Bluetooth experts here?

I need an answer to my Wireless headphone resolution question here.

Thanks. It’s pretty accurate. :smiley:

Man, you just cannot get closer to heresy :speak_no_evil: :rofl:

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i’m told its the first red DS-10 in the US.

just arrived, up and running with Roon in minutes. it will probably get repositioned at some point.


Let us know your thoughts on it when you have some runtime.
I have been using a PH-10 phono for about 3 years.
Other Phonostage have come and gone, the Goldnote is a keeper I think.

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have a PH-10 as well, albeit in black. it’s wonderful.

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Nice… Very nice!

But… But… You are playing… The naughty format!


Naughty but nice!:joy:

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better, i think.


As mentioned above, interested in thoughts on the DAC when its run-in. I’m not at all fimiliar with the goldnote products, but funny in that I just came across a review/thread on this latest DAC earlier today.


Very neat! I love the simplicity. If I was to start over… :thinking:

Very very nice and very very neat :+1:

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will post.

I hereby declare his system officially “DA BASS GOES BOOM BOOM” CERTIFIED



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Not sure if I have posted the most recently updated Roon setup before but here goes anyway.

Parasound Classic 200 Integrated with built in dac and mm/mc Phonostage.
Old Technics linear tracking TT.
Chromecast Audio puck supplying Roon at 24/96.
Totem Sky Tower speakers.
Big ol, PSB sub in the rear of room.

This is/was the main HT rig.
I got rid of the clunky 7.1 setup and went with this very clean and simple setup.
It now has high WAF!!

Sounds great for all duties to our ears.