Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2021-04]

4 Streamer. 2 Teac NT-505, Auralic Altair and PS Audio DSJ
Amp. Vincent SP-998 mono blocks, Parasound A21, Onkyo Reference M-5000R and Rotel RB-1552 MkII.
Preamp. Unison Research Mystery 2, Vincent SA-31MK, Vincent SA-32 and Parasound P5
Integrated. Musical Fidelity M2si, Yamaha A-S801 ( Living room upstairs with SOtM Neo 200, not in the pictures) Cambridge Audio Azur 851A and Sony USB DAC Amplifier UDA-1 ( for my desktop and head phone, not in the pic). My Roon core is Sonic Transpoter I7. I am too lazy for speakers. My wife said anything else I have to move out.


Y’all are truly blessed.


Kevin, nice to read that you are a two wheeler dude! I’ve been riding since I was 14 and started racing MX when I got my drivers license! The story about your 4 x 3 man cave is funny, I’ll bet those interior walls have some great stories to tell! :wink:

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C’mon Khang…those are shots of your local Stereo shop …right??? Ya know…’cause no one has such a pile of exotic gear as you do!!!

Ok…now tell us the real deal…. :rofl: :rofl:


I love how tidy your rack and power are setup. The speaker cable runs are a nice touch too.

Nicely done!

Hi @Vincent_Kennedy. Many thanks for your kind words. I think that many years in the Aerospace Industry has led me to be methodical, and tidy, when it comes to wiring. That and a wife who, although being very tolerant of my “Audiophool” hobby, likes to make sure that everything is “kept in order” :smile:.

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Same here. Tech since the 80’s for me and an interior designer/architect wife. No room for messy or “visually noisy” installations in our abode.

Have you looked at any of the Middle Atlantic racks that slide out and swivel? I’ve seen some very nice installations with them. I saw one a few years back where they used wood veneer to cover the metal posts to match the rest of the surrounding cabinetry.

I considered something like this: ASR Series Slide Out Rack - 30U - 508mm Depth, MA-ASR-30 | Products | RGB Communications but it was considered to be a bit “industrial” :rofl: so in respect of maintaining domestic harmony was rejected :grinning:.

Yes, that’s what I was referring to. The installer was somehow able to cover all of the exposed metal work with laminate. I asked my wife about it, she thinks it was a formica product that looks like wood. It had to be a lot of work…all in the name of marital harmony.

grew up on vhs, moved to video disc - which was actually CED, capacitance encoded, used a needle to pickup electronic signals - then to laser disc, which used a laser like CD. matter of fact, the first DVD player i got in the mid 90s was a pioneer that was a combo DVD/CD/LD player. still have that old box. the CED player that i grew up watching many a classic film on was actually ruined by my little sister who somewhat understandably tried to play a vinyl audio disc on it and jammed The Beatles Abbey Road in there so hard we never could get it out. :smiley: oh, the days…

edit: case in point: the “Compact” of Compact Disc, CD, is from the comparison to the full sized Laser Disc. which was decidedly un-compact.


New update to my setup. Changed Elac ARF-51 Active speakers to Wharfedale Elysian 4 and powered them with Kinki Studio EX-M7.


Like the cat.

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New music every day from Roon/Qobuz has stopped my vinyl habit in it’s tracks. Searching for new vinyl is/was a favorite activity for my wife and I pre-pandemic. It’s become harder to listen to our collections (vinyl/ripped cd’s) when new music to us awaits!

I can understand that but it’s part of my therapy…lol.

Get a real amount of satisfaction from a record store visit and a “ must have “ find!.

I am in Florida who apparently decided quite some time ago to just ignore COVID-19 so been relatively easy to continue the in store search and rescue.

I have a bit of a routine for music playback during the course of a day.

Start with vinyl, then when can’t be bothered to get up every twenty minutes I usually switch to a cassette tape or two( might be twenty minutes too but it stops itself when a side is done).
Then later in the evening I will switch to streaming Qobuz via Roon until I’m too tired to listen and enjoy.


Haha yes she looks like a cat. But she is actually a Pomeranian.

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Kevin…Tapes? Lovely fidelity at 13/8" ips…Tell me it’s not true Kevin… :rofl:…so then as I see it, your music listening starts with old school tech…and as your day goes by, starts really improving as digital comes to the fore…At least all your equipment gets used which is more than I can say about mine…


Reminds me of Tom & Jerry, looks like the lion was flattened by a Cartoon steam roller?

It makes shopping worthwhile here, she goes in her shops and I go in the charity shops and am often found sat on the floor rifling through a box of records.
For @LarryMagoo benefit I sometimes get one of those new fangled CD things while I’m there too just to test whether they still sound crap humour


I think this is the first time I’ve posted a pic of my Audio system.
Located in my “Media” room


Bryston SP3 Processor, Bryston 2ch and 5ch amps 4B-3 & 9B-3, Bryston Streamer and DAC BDP3 & BDA3 (stereo), Exasound Streamer & e68 DAC (multi ch), OPPO UDP-205, Apple TV 4K, Niagara 5000 conditioner and power source, Paradigm Persona 5F L+R, Persona Centre and surround and rears & Paradigm SUB 1000, Ethernet connected 100/1000 hub for all devices.
Streamers/Dacs are ROON ready and music files both 2ch and multi ch are stored on a Windows 10 Server.