Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2021-04]

Hi all,
Slight update from last year:
Sony PS-4750
Audio Technical AT-VM95E
Primare I15
Lumin U1 Mini
Chord Qutest
Audioquest cables
Solidsteel furniture
Russ Andrews X6


Yes - me too, boy did that disc spin at a rate of knots!! :slight_smile:

I would say my day starts with music about as good as it gets😁.
Then as the day draws on and I just get lazier I opt for convenience and push buttons on the ML remote and my phone.


I like your 80/20 rack


Love the black & white photo. Used to very good dramatic effect.


SolidSteel stands are so sharp in white.

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Your comment on vinyl sounding “best” is interesting. I certainly do enjoy vinyl and especially a well mastered and presses recording. Analog has a magic that is special. The convenience of digital has won me over and these days it’s close enough that I’m quite happy. [Moderated].

Via my email alert regarding your post I was able to see the un-moderated version of your post and you’re right, I’m not like that guy :rofl:

It’s a sad state of affairs that when in the land of free speech (The USA) any mention of things political gets censored. To the moderator: it’s not the moderation that I’m upset with, since it is more often than not quite needed. But rather it the fact that things have come so far off the rails that censoring is very much needed. Like I said sad, very sad.


BZN - Just an illusion 1983 - YouTube

Color me confused, very confused.

against sad circumstances helps only humor and good humor. That also helps only the good tones. I was pleased with BZN - Just an illusion.

My investments :wink:

Because I don’t have super ears, I continued to use my old headphones and Sonoro. I have invested only 30 € in DAC (Sharkoon). The sky is still open to me.

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Okay now i totally understand. You are quite correct that humor is a powerful remedy against sadness, as is good music.

Wishing you well on your audio journey. And never sell your ears short - they are the only you’ve got. :grin:

The moderator may not be sharp enough to see that I was joking about Godwin’s law which holds that sooner or later someone will accuse the other of being like Adolf Hitler. You commented about the vinyl/digital fights that erupt.

The strange thing is that the moderator actually censored a joke. What’s stranger is that this was standard practice for the guys that I mentioned.

So… the moderator may read this and if they are the kind of person that can apologise for the misunderstanding they’ll reinstate the comment in it’s entirety. If not… then… well… I invoke Godwin’s law.

Don’t hold your breath…:grin:

Try writing “Uncle Joe”, even you’re talking about your actual uncle, and bingo, it’s gone!

By the way, this is way off topic and the subject for another thread: “political censorship”. Which would of course be censured!

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Noticed the Venezuelan flag has the legacy 7 stars…I like that my fellow Venezuelan

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New addition to my setup: Kinki EX-P27 preamp replacing Schiit Freya+


Very interesting power strip on the wall below the TV.

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OK first post. I got Roon on trial a couple of weeks ago and I will be paying for it. Its everything people say about it and I am a convert.

Pics below. Speakers are Dynaudio Special 40s on Dynaudio stands with about 20kg of atabites in each of them (floor is beam and block!).On rack from bottom to top: Amp is Naim 250 DR, Preamp is Naim 272. BD player is some cheap Sony one X800 I think – not bad though. Dac is Chord Qutest powered by Sbooster. Streamer is Allo DigiOne Sig on an Rpi 3b+ powered by Rpi PSU and another Sbooster. I hope you appreciate the hours I put in making the nice case for the Digione sig. I had to eat all the ice cream that came in the tub and then wash it out before I could turn it into a case! Actually the proper case in on order. The digione sig has a Flirc remote control receiver in it and this is great – it works even when the receiver is facing away from me. The Digione sig BNC goes into the Qutest and the Qutest output goes into an analogue input of the Naim 272 and is my preferred sound. Even though the 272 got lots of praise, I think its digital streaming section and dac are rather dull and flat compared to the Qutest. Cables are a mix of Chord and the Naim ones that came with the gear. Roon core is on a small mini-itx machine I built using an intel J4205 CPU running ubuntu 20.04 and it seems to cope fine – I usually get about a processing speed of 8 with convolution filters on.

I have just got the digione sig – previously I had a USBridge sig and the digione sig is a clear step up, particularly on imaging – wider, taller and deeper – more precise as well. I was surprised how big a step up it was. The USBridge will be repurposed for another sound system in the office (Naim DAC-V1, NAP 100, KEF LS50).

Before Roon I had a freeware music streaming operating system on the USBridge and when I went to Roon and Ropieee, there was a clear step up in sound quality. This took me by surprise and was the deciding factor to keep Roon. I also appreciate that Roon just works and is slick and fast compared to the other operating system. Once I had got Roon I decided to get the digione sig and I put Ropieee on that as well.

Overall I am well pleased with Roon and there is no going back!


Very nice setup Steve!
Welcome to Roonworld!
Hope you enjoy it for a long time indeed.