Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2021-04]

Welcome and all looks great, but that axe, or is it ax, belongs in its own thread. Look around you will find it.

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Nice setup, and welcome Steve! Nice Tele :sunglasses:.


Would be interested to know you thoughts. I currently have a Freya+ after about a dozen solid state, tube and passive preamps in as many years. I’m 2+ years into the Freya+.

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I find Freya’s differential buffer mode is sounding better with my Kinki EX-M7. Hence, decided to change it to P27 preamp and the sounding of such pairing is much better. I find them more musical with better control overall sound (lows, mids and highs). Possibly with Denafrips Pontus II DAC, the whole setup is warmish, hence, won’t miss the tubes on Freya+.


I also added a P27 and M7 to my setup. Lovely combo!


i have a OPPO 103, not roon ready but would love to play flac. files from it into roon without buying a Nucleus. currently the OPPO connects to a DAC. is the 205 capable of connecting to the roon? other options?

nice, are you serving local files? what are you using?

Welcome aboard Steve. I’m a Naim & Chord man myself, but run PMC’s as my preferred speaker choice. Just about to do an Avondale conversion on my 200DR. Everyone who’s had the conversion done says it’s as good as a 500. Happy Rooning to you😁


how do you find the difference between the Special 40s, and the LS50s? I have a pair of each, in very different rooms, neither set up optimally, but the amps are similar. At some point i’ll have to put them side by side.


Welcome aboard Steve…Nice system! It’s great to see a well thought digital system!

In my 5th year with Roon and really grateful to be enjoying their software!

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Thanks - Yes I am using a dedicated server I built using a mini itx board and there is a 2TB disk in it with the music on it.

Thanks - I would be very interested in hearing about the upgrade and how it performs

[Edit] - if I remember correctly the 200 DR’s main amp is not regulated - I think its only the PSU for the preamp that is regulated. If the upgrade is about regulation of the PSU for the main amp, my guess is that it should be good indeed.

I think Special 40s have more bass than LS50s. I think Special 40s have a smoother (but no less detailed) top end. From memory, imaging on LS50s is very good. Special 40s wake up when you crank up the volume - and you do need an amplifier with a bit of grunt to keep a grip on them. When I bought them, the dealer’s first question was “what’s your amp?”. I think both need space between them and walls - I did room measurement recently with my special 40s (which are quite a way out into the room) and it didnt need too much correction - only some small room edge modes. Overall I think the special 40 is better than the LS50 but then it should be at about 3x the price!

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Here’s the system in our (new to us) home that we just purchased. I changed things up a bit with the system, pulling the Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 2 amp out and bringing back these little NuPrime STA-9 amps. Also brought back the Polk Audio PSW-505 subs. It’s hard to tell from the pics, but the main speakers are pulled 5’ out from the wall, and they can come out further if need be. So far, so good, for only living in the house for a week.


that is a beautiful setup!
does placing the subs behind and aimed towards the main speakers affect the bass in any way? did you have to run some room correction eg REW?

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Thank you.

I actually had the subs up closer to the loudspeakers, but this room just sucks up the bass, so I moved the subs back further and more into the corners for better bass reinforcement. Having them aimed probably has very little to no impact in sound. That was more of an aesthetics thing as they just look like two bulky boxes sitting in the shadows behind the speakers perfectly parallel to the walls. Having them toed in lessens that effect dramatically as you only see the front baffle of them now.

No REW or corrections involved as I just plunked them into the system late last night. I just “roughed them in” so to speak. If I find some time today, I’ll dial them in more. Still a LOT of unpacking and organizing to do around the house.

I also want to find a new low profile audio rack and do some cable management eventually. But at least our new home has some music running through its veins now. That’s the most important part. That and the fact that our kitties love having music playing 24/7 as do we.


thanks! i have some trouble dialing in my sub. every time i think i get it right, i decide to tinker with it again… i’m using just one Rel T7i but i think i may add a second one down the road. have tried using REW and yep it does clean up the bass and make it tighter, but somehow i find the end result quite anaemic and flat. i have tried REW a few times but always end up reverting to non corrected.

You’re welcome.

I’ve used room correction a few times over the years, but it always seems to pull the life/impact out of the bass. I rather use passive means, as in placement, and tuning by ear and taste. It may not be the most accurate route, but so far, it seems to be the most pleasant sounding route.


The upgrade is a totally new amp. All the PSU and amp. It’s just the case that remains.


You ought to look at HAF and the custom convolutions they can make you based on REW measurements.T

It can be added in to Roon so they can be switched on or off to compare them. Mr Thierry, from HAF will guide you through the process. A truly wonderful gent! It really not that expensive…my system is now the best it ever has sounded…I have twin Subs and they sound just as natural as being at a well set-up concert!